MURPHY’S LAW: Cyclone Buzz, Chiefs Tragedy, Costas Rant

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Paul Rhoads has the buzz football program in Iowa. It won’t be easy to keep it that way, but December is off to a good start. Jake Campos, the state’s top recruit, switching from Missouri to Iowa State was big, then next year’s potential #1, Allen Lazard, also picking ISU had to have Rhoads jumping up and down.

Tuesday will bring another night where neither the Cyclone or Hawkeye basketball games are on TV. Computer, yes. TV, no. At SoundOFF, we’re receiving more complaints about this than anything else. Anything else since Iowa’s final football game.

I can’t imagine what a tough time the Chiefs organization had with the Jovan Belcher murder/suicide. It’s difficult for me to imagine how I’d feel as a teammate or a coach, knowing police say Belcher shot his girlfriend nine times, Kasi Perkins, and then orphaned his own daughter by taking the coward’s way out. I feel awful for that innocent child, and the child’s dead mother. True victims. I feel no sympathy for Belcher, and at times the Chiefs, and the coverage of the tragedy, made me uncomfortable. The Chiefs should have cleaned out his locker, not made it look like a memorial. Belcher was no victim.

I couldn’t carry Bob Costas’ microphone–he’s the best–but I thought his halftime rant on gun control was ill-timed. I could also argue against Costas’ central point, that if Belcher didn’t have easy access to a gun, Kasi Perkins would be alive. A deranged and angry 260 pound man who shoots a woman nine times might also stab her nine times or choke her to death. I will concede it would be more likely Belcher is still alive, but after what he did, I’m not sure who would benefit from that.

I’m sure Costas knew what he was doing. There are some topics you know are going to bring passionate backlash, and praise. Gun control is one. I’d rather have Costas spark some discourse about a meaningful topic than five minutes of ex-players yelling, “C’MON MAN!” at each other.

If you’ve read this blog for long, you know I’ve been tough on LeBron James at times. However, I think he’s the right choice for Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year. What else can a guy do in one year?


My wife and I just returned from vacation. It’s a blessing to have a wonderful time away, and even better to look forward to coming home.

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