MURPHY’S LAW: Coaches staying, Dufnering, Stop the Spam!!!

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By: John Sears

Iowa State gives Fred Hoiberg a 10 year contract worth $20-million.  Great move by Jamie Pollard and the Cyclones.  I never saw Fred leaving ISU for another school.  Could he still leave?  Yes.  But I highly doubt he will.  Where is he going to go?  He doesn’t need the $$$ and he’s got a good thing going in Ames.  NBA?  Maybe.  But again, I don’t think the NBA is very appealing to Hoiberg right now.  He’s got kids that love it in Ames.  Travel in the NBA is rigorous.  The pay is great, travel sucks.  2-million dollars to be loved in your hometown, Fred is staying put for a long time, bank on it.

1 day after Hoiberg re-signs with ISU Northern Iowa extends Ben Jacobson’s contract by 3 years.  Jacobson is now under contract at UNI through 2023.  Jacobson will make $525,000 a year with bonuses.  Ben seems to really like Cedar Falls, and he also has a good thing going with the Panthers.  Job security and leverage are great things to have, he has both.  Now, he could still bolt for a BCS school, but he’s had opportunities before and has turned them down.  I think Jacobson, ala Hoiberg, stays at UNI for a long time.

Iowa State’s Tyrus McGee will participate in the 3 point contest at the Final Four.  McGee is the best 3 point shooter in the country, hitting 46% from downtown.  If he gets hot, he will win.

Shocker, Kansas choked in the NCAA tournament.  Michigan knocked out the Jayhawks thanks to a super-human effort by Trey Burke.  Cyclone fans are smiling.

I’m currently watching Florida Gulf Coast as I type this, Eagles are down 10 with 10 minutes left.  The dream may be over, I hope I’m wrong.  These guys are fun to watch.

The Hawkeye football team wants to practice in West Des Moines.  They’re still waiting on a date.  It was going to be Saturday April 20th, but apparently that could cause an NCAA violation.  Ferentz wants no part of that.  The new proposed date is Sunday April 14th, which could be fun.  Good move by the Hawks, make it happen.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander signs a 7 year $180 million dollar contract.  He now makes more thadufneringn the entire city of Detroit…

Have you heard of ‘Dufnering?’—>  PGA golfer Jason Dufner strikes a pose while at an elementary school.  Do the Dufner.

My work email is just littered with spam.  Half the emails I get every day are spam.  Most are just links to something, probably a virus.  Others are in different languages.  Here’s an example of the most recent spam email I received.
“Здравствуйте, ме? зову?КП? Джон Крей? арми?Соединенны?Штатов офицер. На основани?Соединенны?Штатов законодательны?/FONT>?исполнительных решени??выводе наши?войс?полног?отсюда ?2 раза ме?це??этог?момент?я реши?:”

Makes sense right?  Stop the Spam!!!!!


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