Movies, Monday Night Football and Maine

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Good Morning!
Back to work for me…and thankfully the end of what has been a busy few weeks.
I’ll get to our trip in a few…first the news

What a mess. The tax credit for movie makers here in Iowa is a good idea but the execution, it seems, leaves A LOT to be desired. It appears money was misspent and mis-allocated. Now we get to figure out who did what. It strikes me as we read about this story that the economic boom we all enjoyed in the 90’s got a lot of people used to making money the easy way. It seems to me business has become accustomed to the perks and pleasures of working in that environment. Now that money is tight for everyone, it seems to me people are more willing to cut corners or bend rules so they don’t have to work as hard.

I live nearby…not near enough where I should be able to hear the music at the ValAir, but I still do on some summer nights. When the bass really gets going at one of those concerts I confess to thinking about calling Police to complain. It’s not an unreasonable request, and it’s not as f the solutions are keep the music or lose business. The Val_air could invest in some soundproofing for it’s building and at least try to make it more friendly to the neighbors. The City could step in with some tax credits or financing options for the business and everyone’s happy. It’s not an either or. I like the Val-Air and I want concerts to keep coming to Des Moines. I think the homeowners have a reasonable beef here though.

I can’t point to two teams I dislike more than the Packers and Vikings but I found myself unable to turn off the Monday Night Game. It was a great atmosphere and a great game.
Now we turn out football attention to The Nebraska/Missouri showdown Thursday night. What should I wager with the newsroom’s biggest Husker fan Mrs Keirnan?

I will add pictures and stories to go with them as they come in this week, but Sally and I made a very long trek to a family wedding in Maine this weekend. The first story comes the night we left. Our flight wasn’t full and we were traveling with the boys. That’s a circus in and of itself, but the team from United at the Des Moines Airport made it A LOT easier. They found us a row of seats that wasn’t occupied and allowed us to sit our kids in their car seats all the way to Boston. It made a HUGE difference. I should not be surprised that the Airport staff here in Des Moines was BY FAR the nicest we dealt with along the way.
We stopped in Boston to see some life-long friends who happen to have twin boys that are about two and a half. I’ve seen my future…lets just say I need a Valium. There’s a lot ahead of us that we haven’t even considered but it’s nice for Sally and I to have a glimpse at what we might encounter. It gave us a chance to talk about some things…parenting styles and situations we might not have thought of. We liked a lot of what we saw in our friend’s house so Thanks Tim and Amy for being a great example! They’re also great hosts. We miss our friends and wish they were closer.
On to Maine Friday morning and Sally’s Cousin Taryn’s wedding. The pictures need to help tell the story here so I’ll get them ASAP, but here’s a teaser or two. We needed SCUBA flippers for the reception, We had a morning meeting with President George HW Bush and I tested the patience of about three hundred travelers between here and Boston.
Have a good Day!


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