Movie Night and Mr. November

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The Iowa football team normally has team meetings in the hotel the night before a game, except when the Hawks play a night game. In that scenario, the team meetings are moved to Saturday so the players aren’t laying around the hotel all day with nothing to do. In other words, the Hawks have Friday night open this week. The plan is for the entire team to catch a movie in Tucson. The seniors get to pick the flick, which Ricky Stanzi says is a double-edged sword. Stanzi told me it’s nice to have control over the movie, but it’s also a pain because all the underclassmen have been pestering him all week about which movie he and the other seniors will pick. Apparently, James Vandenberg started texting Stanzi last Sunday inquiring about the movie. Stanzi said linebacker Jeff Tarpinian is the movie buff on the team, and Tarp will recommend “The Town,” both because it looks exciting, and also because the only other option might be “Eat, Pray, Love.” Good choice, Tarp.

Derek Jeter’s Oscar-winning performance on Wednesday night is the latest hot-button sports topic. I don’t have a problem with Jeter pretending that he was hit with a pitch, but did he really have to feign an injury? For crying out loud, the trainer nearly dragged Jeter back to the clubhouse for x-rays.



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