Mother Doesn’t Know Best, Spring Fever

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Did you catch the All American Game train wreck on ESPN where 5-star football recruit Landon Collins picked Alabama for college, but his mom didn’t support the choice, and said on live TV that her son was making a mistake? That’s healthy, mom. Think about what you want, not what your son wants. Even if the mother thinks she knows best, don’t humiliate your boy on national TV. It can wait for a private talk. Just another example of why so many star athletes act entitled. They’re put under the pressure of chasing not only their dreams, but the dreams of family too…

Sorry, Landon.

Penn State hires Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien to succeed the fired Joe Paterno. Not many qualified coaches wanted near the Penn State mess, and O’Brien has no head coaching experience, but if he can bring Tom Brady with him to Penn State, he should do just fine…

Remember how good Marcus Fizer was at Iowa State? Fizer flamed out in the NBA, and now he’s been cut for a “bad attitude”in Taiwan.

We hit 65 degrees in Des Moines Thursday. It’s January. I laid out, played golf, had a deck party, washed the car, rode my Harley, ate ice cream, and drove to work with the top down…

Des Moines.


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