MORNING BUZZ:Tragedy, Disappointment, and Return

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Good Morning…It was a jam-packed weekend.  We started off with a little overnight getaway.  Sally and I went down to Kansas City for a night of good sleep.  We’re so lame…but we’re so tired…well she is.  I have no excuse.  I just got back from a vacation.

Interesting that when we moved here we used to go down to the Plaza to shop.  As we looked  around there are very few stores we don’t have right here in the Metro now.

The News


What a heartbreaking story to wake up to this morning.  A mother apparently killed her child and then killed herself over the weekend.  I think most any parent would cringe at the thought of hurting their child…even a little…but killing them?  How does your life look that bad?


The US Supreme Court hears arguments over the President’s Health Care law.  If you are a total geek like me you are fascinated by the procedure and the way the Court will go about hearing the argument.

The first day lawyers on opposite sides of the lawsuits will actually argue together that the Court SHOULD hear the case NOW.  A third Party appointed by The Court will argue the law can’t be challenged until someone actually gets fined for not having Health Care.


So we went out to Raccoon Rover Park with some friends Sunday morning.  We were the first to arrive at the park really and I was very disappointed.  Someone had clearly hosted a kid’s birthday party at the Shelter Saturday…but they’d left most of the party behind.  2/3 of a the cake was dumped in one of the parking spots..that can be excused…accidents happen but wouldn’t you at least try to clean a little bit of it up?  The Playground was worse.  There were Party poppers and the streamers all over…wrappers from food, cans and bottles strewn all over.  I spent the better part of the first hour we were there picking up what I could.  It got worse.

Someone had actually gone to the bathroom…and I’m not talking about watering the grass…behind the Sno Cone stand.  They’d left the paper towel they’d used along with the pile.  WHO DOES THAT??!?!?!?  I’d venture the guess it was the same group because the same kind of paper towel was all over the garbage and still on the picnic tables in the shelter.  If someone reserved that shelter…the City of West Des Moines should make them pay for the clean-up.  It’s not the City’s fault…it’s a little early for the Parks Department to be regularly cleaning the parks.  The water isn’t even turned on because it could still freeze.

It doesn’t matter though…anyone who uses a Public Park should have the common decency to help clean it up when they’re done.


I admit it…I was as disgusted as the next guy with Tiger Woods’ behavior, but I’ve also been anxious to see him return to his pre-scandal form.  Tiger clearly needs golf…but golf needs Tiger.  You are crazy if you believe that any golf tournament without Tiger at the top of the Leaderboard is nearly as exciting as the one we saw Sunday…and Tiger won it in a walk!

As always you are welcome to comment or question anything you like here.

I hope you all have a great Monday!



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