MORNING BUZZ: Shutdown Week 2, Table 128

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Good Morning!
I hope you all had a good weekend. We’ll get right to it.

Shutdown Week 2
I’ll just continue some observations from the shutdown
-If there aren’t enough votes in the house to pass a clean Budget CR, why wouldn’t the Speaker up bring it up for a vote and show us? The nose counts I’ve seen have a clean CR passing. That’s why it won’t come to the floor.

-Saying the President and Dems unwillingness to negotiate on delaying Obamacare is what’s holding up the Budget borders on ridiculous. If that’s the case, let’s make background checks on ALL gun owners and restrictions on any semi-automatic weapon part of this debate as well?

-Let me be clear, none of what I just wrote amounts to support of Obamacare. There is much more to this bill than any of us know. There is more to this bill than a lot of people who actually voted for it in Congress know. It should be amended, it should be improved. The Special interest minutia that litters this bill should be cut out of it. Most importantly, it should be debated separately.

-I wondered as I read the story this morning from Eastern Iowa…Did anyone check to see that the people bemoaning the loss of “50% of their business” weren’t Dave Lobesack supporters? I just think made for TV meetings should be viewed with a heavy dose of scepticism.

Table 128
We went out for dinner to celebrate Sally’s Birthday Saturday night with another couple and we decided to try table 128. I can’t say enough about it. Owners Lynn and Sarah Pritchard transformed the former Tartine restaurant into Table 128 this spring. the idea is Farm inspired American dishes with fresh ingredients sourced from a three county area around Des Moines. Local Local Local.

This is not food that’s going to reinvent the wheel…this is good food done well. I had the Beef Tenderloin special with a corn Chorizo side and mashed potatoes under the steak. It was really well prepared. Sally had a Beet Salad with candied pecans and a basket of artisan breads with a whipped honey ricotta . She loved it.

The atmosphere is exactly what I like in a Saturday date night place…small but comfortable, a nice bar to sit at before you get a table, friendly staff and knowledgable servers who don’t just know the menu, they know food and wine!
If you are looking for something different…check it out!


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