MORNING BUZZ:Jeriann Blogs and We dip into the Mailbag

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Good Morning!

We had an interesting conversation this morning about the sirens going off during yesterday’s weather.  Jeriann and I agreed, it could be a dangerous thing to set the sirens off during a non-tornado event.  I understand the intention but agree with JR’s thoughts here:

I don’t agree with the Emergency Manager’s recent policy change to activate the sirens when wind speeds reach 70 MPH.  I don’t like it because it is misleading and people aren’t taking the sirens seriously knowing that they may not necessarily signal a tornado.  Sirens were put up to let people outdoors know the weather is getting dangers.  If we start using them for something other than tornado warnings, they will lose their effectiveness.

70 MPH winds can be very dangerous and take down large trees and cause damage.  70 MPH winds don’t usually cause death or destroy homes.  I think the sirens should only be sounded when there is a threat for a tornado.  I’m going to share my concerns with Emergency Managers today. 

If the smoke alarm in your house only goes off once in a blue moon you tend to react pretty fast.  If it goes off more often you tend to be more relaxed.

So there ya have it.  

I also got an email this morning from a viewer concerned we were holding out on you in revealing the location of the Police Mobile Radar:

I was wondering why don’t you tell where the radar car is set up like Brad did???
This is very important to people and I would like to know each morning….
If there is a reason you don’t do it please let me know, otherwise can you start telling the people?


Well Roberta, and anyone else wondering, we talk about the location of the radar unit at about 6:45; unless the Police don’t list the locations.  That’s what happened this week.  We will always tell you if they post it.  

Thanks for the emails, comments and for watching our show every morning!



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