MORNING BUZZ: Wealth, Health and Wise?

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Good Morning!

NBC’s Today show will feature the Des Moines Metro area as one of, if not THE “wealthiest” city in America. Now at first blush that statement is ridiculous. I think the idea came from all of the lists that Des Moines finds itself on. Best City for this, Best City for that….Kiplingers, Forbes, Parenting,Business Journal… on and on and on…
The question from the outside then comes, what’s so special about Des Moines? After spending some time here, i think the Today Show Crew that come to town settled on this designation.
I can only speak from my own experience. I’m a Chicago native who never saw himself settling in Des Moines. What we quickly found out, is that we are “wealthier” here in a lot of ways. We own a home we could never afford in a City like Chicago. We hold jobs that would take a lot longer to find in a larger city. We have the ability to contribute and make a difference in this community that just doesn’t exist for young people(without big connections or bigger $$) in larger cities. Try getting on the Board of the Symphony, Museum of Science and Industry or the Zoo in Chicago in your 20’s or 30’s….
We have a seven minute commute, a safe place for our kids to grow up, good schools, low (relatively speaking) taxes and you know your neighbors. All of this adds up to a quality of life that we value.

will castI say my kids have a safe place to grow up…that is, if I’m not involved in their healthcare decisions.
We have our first broken bone. Will broke his arm when he fell at the kids play area at our Gym. I wasn’t there but walked in just after it happened. I should say the kid who was supervising the play area was awesome. He put ice on it right away and recognized he was hurt.
I, however, did my best impression of Mike Ditka. Can you move it? Can you wiggle your fingers…OK then it’s not broken. So Will stopped crying and toughed it out. We didn’t administer any Tylenol or anything because he wasn’t complaining…
Next day he wasn’t even using that hand. Sally recognized that I may have misdiagnosed the injury and made a call to the Dr. The Doc took one look at the arm and said, “Yeah it’s broken”. Parent of the year!
Will redeemed my parenting efforts when we went to hospital. He insisted on carrying the order for an x-ray into the hospital himself. He walked right up to the Information desk and said, “Hello, my name is Will Dix and I am here to see someone about an x-ray”. They looked at me for some direction but I just motioned to talk to him. they led him into the admissions desk where he told the woman what he was there to do. e rattled off full name, age, address, phone number and our names. The Social Security Number tripped him up. He does not believe he has one.
Anyway, he did his mother and I proud. Cast stays on for three weeks. off in time to celebrate their 5th birthday.

What’s the best strategy for Lolo Jones at the Olympics. I say she is in a no win situation. I wanted he interview with the Today show and I’ve read a few of the initial articles on her selection to the Olympic Bobsled team. Some of the athletes are saying it’s great to have her because she brings notoriety to the sport. Lolo seems determined to make this Olympics about her TEAM not about her. Who can blame her.
Either way she is stuck. If she takes the individual interviews she looks like a Media hog. If she involves her teammates as she did when we interviewed her and when the Today show interviewed her, she risks looking patronizing or like she’s forcing it. I am not sure how I’d advise her, but she should be allowed to be herself. She is a member of a team, but a famous one, and no one should begrudge her the change that SHE HAS EARNED. It’s important to remember she is one of only 10 people to make a summer and winter Olympic team for the US. That is an accomplishment in itself.
What do you think? How should she handle it?

I am off to the watch party for the Today show.
Have a good one!

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