MORNING BUZZ: Verdict, Joe, and Daddy Daycare 2

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Good Morning!

Busy weekend with my sister Katie in town.  She was here to see Sally and I but she hadn’t seen the boys since their Birthday.  We had a great time.  She is a good sport and goes along with us on adventures around town…out with our friends, and keeping the peace at home.


I can see why people feel an acquittal wasn’t a “just” verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial.  The guy shot a kid.  He shot a kid he chased through a neighborhood after being told by the authorities to let them handle it.  He brought the conflict.  Now once that conflict started who knows what happened.  Only Zimmerman I suppose.

If you’re mad about this verdict…don’t blame the jury…don’t blame the prosecution.  Blame the law in Florida.  In the past decade…to an increasing extent, the ability to make a decision based on circumstances has been taken out of the hands of judges and juries.  The Stand your ground law is the problem.

It sounds good…if I’m in my home I want the ability to defend myself.  If someone attacks me with no provocation…I have to be able to defend myself.  That’s NOT what happened here.  It may be what ENDED UP happening, but that’s not the spirit of this law.  If you initiate a conflict with someone, (even after police have told you to back of) you hold some responsibility.  If you follow someone with the belief they are up to no good…doesn’t a reasonable person assume some risk there?  If that person you are following gets into a fight with you and it escalates, there should be some room for a jury of reasonable people to hold Zimmerman responsible for his part in that conflict while not convicting him of first degree murder.  I know, I know…if you give juries latitude like that…it gives criminals a way to weasel out of a conviction.  I think we’ve seen the other end of the spectrum here.


Lt Joe Gonzalez is truly one of Des Moines’ Finest.  A police officer for more than four decades, people from every neighborhood in town and all walks of life have come in contact with him.  If the Des Moines Police Department has a good community policing program and a good relationship with its neighborhood associations, Joe has played a large part in that.  He is always helpful with members of the Media and his commitment to acting as a bridge for Non-English speaking people in Des Moines has been invaluable for Police and for the Latino community.  We wish Joe a speedy recovery.

Daddy Daycare

It takes a Village right?  Well this week it takes a spreadsheet.  Sally drew up a plan this week that you need an engineering degree to fully appreciate.  Four people will combine to fill the job one person usually does picking up, dropping off and covering hours that would usually be overseen by the Gal who takes care of our boys.  She is taking a well deserved week off and so we will try to fill in.  On top of that we thought it would be good for the boys to get a Summer camp in at The Science Center.  I hope it all works out.


Golf fans rejoice…after one of the most exciting weekends of golf all season, The Open Championship begins in Scotland this week. Too bad Zach Johnson didn’t win but maybe he can take some good mojo to Scotland with him and win The Open.

I hope you have a good week.



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