Morning Buzz: Troopers, Neighbors and Doctors

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Good Morning

Our Birthday week moves to the unpleasant phase for our boys this afternoon when they get their yearly checkup.  We will go armed with our list of questions for the Doc and hopefully come out with a better idea of some goals and milestones we can help them hit in the coming year If my Babycenter email is to be believed this morning: 

If 3-year-olds are busy, inquisitive, and fun, 4-year-olds are all that, magnified — yet with a budding maturity, self-control, and understanding of rules that help make life a bit calmer. 

Lets Hope!


It was disturbing to hear how few Iowa State Troopers we have covering the entire state overnight.  We’ve had to tighten up the budget, and I understand responsible spending, but there is a point, at which, the philosophy of smaller Government becomes ridiculous.  Can you imagine if we tried to house our federal Government in its original buildings?  Our Country and our state continues to grow, industries are created and need some form of minimal regulation… I believe in Freedom but I don’t believe in being irresponsible.

Sgt Scott Bright makes the best point possible…If he stops someone at four in the morning, and they’re a convicted murderer, and his backup is 45 minutes away…that puts the Trooper and the public at risk.

Another thought on this.  Some cities and counties have decided they aren’t going to patrol overnight or on the weekends; especially in rural parts of the state.  To save money, they are relinquishing that responsibility to the State.  If everyone says it’s someone else’s job… pretty soon there won’t be anyone around to help someone who’s really in trouble.  Probably not critical to you until you’re the one on I-80 at 4am.


Watching the stories from both sides unfold in the Oscar Pistorious murder case, I am having a hard time developing the story Pistorious is telling.  He was so worried about an intruder who’s locked his/herself in the bathroom that he just shot through the door?  Wouldn’t you just watch the door and call police?  The intruder did you the favor of locking themselves up!


I understand why a new business would balk at the idea of a pawn shop moving in next door.  I can see why they would be worried and would want to protect their investment.  The city of Des Moines put a lot of thought into a moratorium on Pawn Shops and Pay Day Loan businesses.  I wonder how well that is working?  I also wonder if Cities should be picking winners and losers.  If the owner of the property wants to rent to a viable business…they should be able to rent.  If this were a strip club next to an elementary school, I can see a Zoning issue, but in this case wouldn’t it be up to the renter to get written assurances from the owner of the property that they won’t rent it to certain types of businesses?  I’m asking.


We all think we are a critical cog in our employer’s overall mechanics.  We all they’d miss me if I was gone.  I have to say I am on the other end of the spectrum.  I’ve always thought…we’re all replaceable.  It’s my opinion that it would take about two weeks for people to forget…or not care at all that I was missing from their television set for two hours in the morning.  That is not the opinion of a new Forbes article.  Here’s the link if you’d like to tell your boss how critical you are to the operation.  

I hope you all have a good day!



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