MORNING BUZZ: Show Up, Telling, and Brooke’s Big news

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Good Morning!

Getting right to it…

Show Up

Des Moines and Central Iowa needs to fill the Wells Fargo this weekend if we ever want to see a First Round grouping for the Men’s NCAA Tournament.  The City looks a lot different than it did eight or nine years ago when they started talking about this in earnest.  As I said in my earlier post; it made me mad to see the seats empty for all of those early round games in all those bigger cities.  If they’re not going to fill the stands for the TV cameras…give the games to cities like Des Moines.


What did you think of Sen Rick Santorum’s comments yesterday.  If you missed it, he said the Country would be better off with President Obama for another four years than it would with a Romney Administration.  I’ll make this a  bipartisan question…if then Sen Hillary Clinton had said we’d be better off with a McCain administration?  What would you think?

Is Romney that bad a Republican or is there something deeper at work here?

Brooke’s Big News

I’m glad we finally got this one out in the open.  Brooke and her husband Eric are expecting again!  We announced it this morning on the show.  those of you who think Brooke was out of her workout routine…she’s pregnant.  You wouldn’t believe the emails we got.  Brooke told me she got one from a guy who said she looked Pregnant in HD but in Standard Def…she looked fine.

Well, she looks great if you ask us and we’re so happy for her.  She reports everyone is healthy and Big brother Evan is excited.

I hope you have a great weekend!



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