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Good Morning.

The top story in the world this morning should probably be the latest nuclear test in North Korea.  It elevates tension s in a region where we have strong allies and deeply embedded interests.  The problem is, like a five year-old that acts up all the time, most people just ignore North Korea and the news its antics generate.  We should probably pay more attention. It’s news broccoli…news you probably don’t want to hear but should probably be on your plate anyway.

To the day’s other stories:

State of the Union

The President makes the case for budget cuts to replace the sequester tonight in The State of the Union.  Republicans will counter and then the Tea Party counters.  They’re complaining that the President is going to go out and make the case for his priorities in a three-day trip Wed-Friday.  Every President since Clinton has done this so I’m not sure what the problem is.  They are making the case if the President is really concerned about sequester, he needs to start negotiating with Republicans.

This is still a mess, it still doesn’t look like the adults will prevail.  Democrats are happy to let us go to sequester because people will blame Republicans.  Some Republicans are happy to let the budget cuts happen because they want to reduce the size of Government.  The problem with both those positions?  We don’t know what will happen to a fragile economy if the cuts happen.  Cutting Government sounds good in a slogan.  Indiscriminately cutting may create a ripple that will have unintended consequences.

I heard an interesting discussion by two political pundits who were talking about the relative inexperience of Congress, especially Tea Party Members.  They made the point that these  people were chosen, in part, because they weren’t politicians.  The downside to that is that they don’t understand how government works!   It’s harder to go through the Federal Budget and make changes that are targeted.  Some of this is political nonsense, some of it is ignorance and some of it is arrogance.  The problem is, we are going to have to deal with the consequence.


I thought Keith’s take on the West Marshal wrestlers and their photo were spot on…they’re kids and they made a mistake.  I also thought the story he related about throwing a bat when he was a kid was instructive.  His coach benched him without regard to the outcome of the next game and…here’s the really important part… his parents BACKED UP THE COACH!!!!

I don’t know how I would react if it were my kid and they worked four years for the chance to wrestle.  I don’t know how far I would go to make sure my kid got what he wanted.  Sitting here, now, I can say I hope I would back up the School Board’s choice to give the kids more community service and requiring a public apology.  They still get to compete.

Yet, there were still parents up there trying to make the argument that their kids were so embarrassed by the fact that the picture went viral…that they’d been punished enough.  I’m sorry I don’t agree.  These kids could have been kicked off the team or suspended from the State Tournament.  Embarrassed by the picture going viral?  Teenagers all over the country think these kids just punked their rival!  Any adult who saw the picture shook their head and moved on.  No, this isn’t a national shame; it’s a bad choice made by teenagers…but here’s the lesson they get.  You still get what you really want…and your parents try to get you out of a jam YOU put yourself in.  Unlike Keith’s example that stuck with him for years, these kid get the chance to win a state championship…and be hero’s again in their community.  No, they didn’t rob a bank, they didn’t drink and drive, they didn’t haze a kid into humiliation…they got cocky and screwed up.  I hope their parents haven’t compounded the mistake by teaching them they don’t have to deal with ALL of the consequences of their choices.  You can all remind me of this post when my kids get caught speeding or TPing the school and the School Board comes down hard on them.


Just learned Olympic Wrestling has been dropped from the 2020 games.  The subject timing is interesting given that our state is about to focus on wrestling.  Thoughts?


Maybe it’s because I am Catholic, maybe it’s because I like institutions with long traditions; I will watch the transition of power at the Vatican with interest.  I spent the night second guessing myself last night after watching Nightly News.  They reported twice that the last Pope to abdicate the papacy was “more than 700 years ago”.  I wrote in our scripts and said several times Monday that it was 600.  I was assured I was right by several people but my first instinct is to think Brian Williams knows something I don’t.  Also I’m not that good at math.


Anyone who watched the Grammys…I don’t get it.  I admit I am not the target audience.  I would love to have been in the meeting where the concept for Taylor Swift’s performance was discussed.  I get the song but what was with the costumes?  I don’t get it.

Also here’s an article I can get behind from the Washington Post. 

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