MORNING BUZZ: Names, Arguments and Bacon What?

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Good Morning!

Warmer weather has a lot of us outside more these days.  Enjoy it while you can.

The News:


The Family Leader is at it again.  Chuck Hurley got up yesterday flanked by State Lawmakers to let us know “The Gay people are coming for us”, as if this is a Zombie attack.  The hilarity of this is that I don’t think you could find a gay person who would make a pass at, much less sleep with Chuck Hurley or Bob Vander Plaats….  No one is trying to indoctrinate these kids.  Ask yourself this, if you are heterosexual, is there any conference or amount of convincing that could make you have sex with another man?  Even if you argue these kids are impressionable… think back to when you were a teenager.  Would you have called yourself gay if you weren’t absolutely convinced that you were?

The really sad part is… a bunch of people who claim Christianity guides them, show no compassion for kids who are ostracized in their schools.  What would Jesus do?  He wouldn’t call children, or the people trying to help them evil.

As much as I hate to admit it, The Family Leader has a point in that, the conference shouldn’t have a session called “Who’d Afraid of the Big Bad Right?”.  It’s going to be led by one of the State’s leading liberal groups.  Just a question for the folks running this conference: What if one of the gay students is a Republican?  You set up a scenario where the kid has to hide who they are in order to fit in.  Sound familiar?  Being gay does not make someone a liberal by default.  If your goal is acceptance of differences, how are you modeling that with your choice to name the session?

Arguments 1

Just a quick thought about the Supreme Court arguments.  As hard as they tried to sidestep the issue altogether, i think the Justices are going to have to decide part of this issue.  I think a lot of commentators are right in that, DOMA will be struck down and the power to legislate marriage will be affirmed as a States right, and Federal benefits would be extended to Same sex couples in States where it is legal.  That also likely means Prop 8 would probably be upheld.

The issue is moving for sure and even if this goes back to the states, I think you will find more and more people who affirm the right of Same sex couples to marry.

Arguments 2

If you are going to have a meeting explaining why you should build a casino in Warren County…don’t try to disguise it as some sort of town hall meeting.  It’s a meeting to convince people they should support the casino.  That’s it.  Every time something like this happens, it erodes trust in the motives of the company that wants to build the project.  Wild Rose tried to announce its casino project by putting this “Citizens” group out front first.  After failing four other places (and a handful of other ideas we never heard about), Wild Rose is trying to build a casino again.  This is not a Warren County Project.  If it is, then ALL of the profits should go back to Warren County and  it should be run by a Board of appointed Directors much like Prairie Meadows.


This morning…We took up the question of an NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bid for Des Moines.  The City has proven over and over that it can host an event like this.  The NCAA just has to say we can do it.  I hadn’t thought of it before but we should also get a “Frozen Four”.  Great neutral site for all of the Midwest teams.

One more thing, The cities that are hosting the tournament this year aren’t getting butts in seats.  Does anyone here think Wells Fargo arena would look as empty as Washington DC did last night?  That was embarrassing.  Even if those are corporate seats or fans of the teams in the next round…why wouldn’t you go to both games?  I think Iowa fans would, and that’s one of the many reasons we should be given a second round slot in tournaments to come.


Good fr Iowa State!  Fred Hoiberg has the ability to build ISU into a Big 12 and national contender annually.  He is also a good guy.  Nice to see one of them finish first.

Bacon What?

We got back tot he newsroom after the show yesterday and Brooke had a news release from a company selling…get this…bacon flavored condoms and bacon scented sunscreen.  I like bacon…and I don’t get either of those.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

I hope you all have a great day!



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