MORNING BUZZ: Finally Friday

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Good Morning…

Well it’s finally here…no I don’t mean Friday I mean the snow we’d been talking about since last Friday.  As one of our emailers said, if you’re disappointed we got an inch less than Jeriann and Arielle predicted yesterday…I’m not sure I know what to say to you.

The weather and other random thoughts from this morning:

-What would you rather see; a forecast that warns you of the possibility of a large winter weather system for a full week beforehand…allowing you the ability to change plans, adjust schedules etc, or a warning about six inches of snow two days out?

I know it’s not one or the other.  There’s a happy medium, but I can just imagine the amount of grief these meteorologists would get if they hadn’t started talking about this system and we’d ended up in the 14-16 in range.  For those of you who think Kansas is a long way away…it’s not.  I’d rather hear about the possibility, knowing full well the totals, timing and target will likely change over the week.

-One of the things I love about our meteorologists is that they are constantly analyzing their forecast before and after the fact.  They were pretty hard on themselves this morning.  They thought the system would bring a little more snow than it did.  I kid Jeriann a lot but I respect the fact that no one is ever going to be more critical of her forecast than she is.  Start looking into how difficult it is to pinpoint a storm like this and you’ll find out a LOT of meteorologists in the Midwest didn’t have the targets right. This storm faked everyone out.

-Kudos to the Des Moines Public Works crews.  They already had our neighborhood cleared this morning when I pulled out of the driveway!  Looks like their plans worked out really well.

-My late March trip to Vegas is looking less appealing after the shootout and fire in the center of the strip.  I’m not seriously worried.  In fact, if you really think about it, there is always a bit of a seedy undercurrent that makes Vegas, Vegas!  You need to watch your back when you’re out on Las Vegas Blvd.  Not that it’s a dangerous place…but its not Disneyland either.

-We had “parent teacher conferences” yesterday for pre-school.  I know I know…they’re four.  We weren’t surprised by anything the teacher had to say about our guys.  They’re articulate for their age…but it should also not come as a surprise to anyone that they talk a lot.  This is how Sally putt in an email reporting the progress to family yesterday:

…sometimes their talking is a little loud and they like to dominate the discussion.  Hmmm…. I wonder where they get that?  We are to continue to encourage them to know the difference between their turn to talk and their turn to listen.

I think the Teacher’s exact words to us were: We need to work on the idea that’s it’s not all about Will and JT… All the time.  True.

-A quiet weekend on tap for us.  Mostly it’s preparing for Vacation!  Sunshine and 80’s at our featured destination.  A friend just left the place we’re going.  I can’t wait.



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