MORNING BUZZ: Fights, Flights and a Shame

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Good Morning!

Jeriann just said Happy Hump Day….Here come the emails.

Actually, I can’t believe people haven’t heard that before.  Still, it seems there are people out there who think she’s promoting this as some sort of mid-week sex holiday.

Maybe, I’m just spitballing here, she’s talking about “getting over the hump”?  Wednesday is midweek?  It’s all downhill from here?  Anyway, I guess there are some people who’ve never heard that expression cause they email us every Wednesday.

To the News


A fight in Des Moines involved a couple of families and a disputed bike.  The adults stepped in here and it’s a bad he-said/she-said.  I think about this a lot with two boys.  What will I tell them about fighting?  Do I tell them they should they defend themselves?  Walk away?  I can’t say I condone fighting as a way to settle differences, but if they find themselves in a bad situation, I don’t want my kid to get the snot beat out of them either.  Hopefully it won’t be an issue.


A couple of historic flights to talk about today.  The first was the flight of Shuttle Discovery yesterday from Florida to Washington D.C.  Discovery did a fly by of D.C.. mid-day and stopped the Capitol in its collective tracks.  The Shuttle moves to its permanent display home at the Smithsonian Annex Thursday.

Also of note: Today is the 70th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid.  For those who are rusty on their WWII History, the Doolittle raid was the first time The U-S bombed mainland Japan after Pearl Harbor.  Pilots flew bombers off The Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet in order to reach Japan…the first time that was ever done.  The raid, while successful, didn’t do as much damage to Japan is it did to the Japanese psyche.

I mention the raid because three Iowans were on it.  Capt C.R. Greening Piloted one of the planes.     Cpl L.D. Faktor was a tail gunner in the third plane off the Hornet, and William Dieter was on plane #6.  Dieter and Faktor died after their planes made emergency landings near China.  Greening served through the war, was later shot down and captured in a bombing run over Italy.


A 14 year-old in Northwest Iowa took his own life after coming out to his friends…then being rejected and bullied. His Mother says he even got death threats. I believe it.

I’ve written here before, If you believe being Gay is a sin….you are free to do so in my book.  I don’t agree, but it’s not my place to say what you SHOULD believe.  My concern is that sometimes clergy, parents, community leaders may go too far.  What does the rhetoric used in this debate say to teenagers or pre-teens?  How will they digest that information?  Will any of these Adult leaders come out publicly and say bullying like this is wrong?  If not, how will kids treat people who identify themselves as gay?  Does that treatment really reflect that religion’s values in action?  I’m not indicting anyone or any church…I’m just thinking about how our words and actions as adults can have a profound impact on kids.

100 Days

We’re counting down to the Summer Olympics in London.  The Today Show will take a look around London this morning and check in with some of the Athletes to see how their training is going.  Cue the Hype.

Finally, does anyone know when you are supposed to replace a fly line?  My rigs are approaching 12 years old.  I don’t fish that often with them but still.  Anyone…Anyone?

I hope you have a good day and please…feel free to comment.  I always love hearing your perspective.



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