MORNING BUZZ: Fend for Yourself, Fallon and Five

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Good Morning!

I decided I should write something after getting this email:

So I’ve been waiting and waiting and neither of you have posted anything this month…. I knew Soundoff was taking a break… I didn’t know the blogs were too!!!

Just in case you didn’t think anyone noticed…. J

Thanks for the reminder…just a combination of busy and not having a lot to say about the news.

Not the case this morning.

Fend for Yourself

I almost went through the roof when I saw the City of Des Moines was going to Let Mother Nature do the work” in regards to plowing neighborhoods.

I don’t need my street to be perfect, and I am all for saving money, but when we learned the City is UNDER its budget for snow removal in one of the most active winters we’ve had in years…something is wrong.

Here’s my question: Why are they under budget?  My guess is because they just aren’t plowing the streets nearly as well as they used to.  Main streets need to be safe and clean…but someone will have to explain to me why neighborhoods can’t at least get one pass?  The City says it plows when two inches of snow is on the ground.  We had 2.3 at the Airport yesterday adding on to the inch and a half that wasn’t plowed Saturday…no plows.  If I left the snow on the ground I’d get a ticket.

In my neighborhood, we haven’t seen a plow for the last two snow events…nothing.  The “let it melt” plan didn’t exactly work.  Much of the snow is gone but the compacted layer of ice along with the tire ruts of snow didn’t melt…they re-froze into sharp ice.  The neighborhood was a skating rink…

It will melt today…it’s not the biggest deal in the world but what do we pay taxes for?  This is an essential service.  The main roads were clear by Noon yesterday and plows could have completed one pass to get the slushy mess off the side roads by this morning.  The Next question is: how many of these neighborhoods will flood thanks to the no-plow order?   When the ice blocks the drain, who’s going to pay if the water backs into my basement?  Maybe some of the money from Public works snow removal budget?


All reviews are good for the new Tonight Show.  Fallon is the right host at the right time.  So often these things are forced and we simply get used to the new normal…I think even Leno was that way.  This transition feels right.


-I’ve enjoyed NBC’s Olympic coverage.  The skating in particular has been good.  Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are VERY good together.  Honest, entertaining and so knowledgeable technically that they help those of us who don’t watch skating, enjoy the coverage.   I see the future.

-I am disappointed more f the events aren’t taking over the Networks of NBC.  Saturday morning there had to be something NBC could have put on CNBC or USA or Bravo…whatever.  We got NBCSN…that’s it.  I can get it all online when I want, but I’d rather be able to watch on TV.

-The Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan story is even less interesting 20 years later.

-Karlos Kirby was in to see us this morning on the day Lolo Jones competes in bobsled.  Kirby was Iowa’s first Winter Olympian and now lives a quiet life here in Des Moines.  He is one of the most gracious, well spoken, and passionate athletes you’ll ever meet.  It was fun to hear his recollection of his two Olympics with USA Bobsled (1992 and ’94).  What a lot of people probably don’t know is that he was an Athlete representative to US Olympic Committee, and was instrumental in getting women’s bobsled into the Winter Games.  So in a way, he helped Lolo get to the track today.  Fun Iowa connection.


Five years ago this morning, a month-long stay in Mercy Hospital was coming to an end and Sally and I were headed into the delivery room to meet our sons. My boys turn five today.  I can’t believe it’s been five years.  In a way it’s flown by…some days  feel like that was a million years ago.  They’re good kids and we have a TON of help from our family and our friends.  We couldn’t do it without all of them.

A lot of people still wish they would stay young forever.  They are cute ad funny and say the darndest things.  I feel differently.  I look forward each day to the people they are becoming…working to help them become the best people they can be and wondering how it will turn out.  I’m looking forward to trading Disney on Ice for season ticket to the Wild or a Season pass to the golf course.  I’m not wishing their childhood away but I am looking forward to all of the things we still have ahead of us.  Maybe it will hit me later…I’m sure I will wish for these days again.  For now we can just celebrate all of the fun we’ve had so far with all of the people who helped get us here.

Happy Birthday boys.

I home you all have a good day,


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