MORNING BUZZ: Facebook, Signing and Tie One On

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Good Morning!

We had a lot of fun on the set this morning after Jeriann pointed out that young Jennifer McDermodd didn’t know the meaning of the phrase “tie one on”.

Now because we know that Jennifer is not a teetotaler we know that she has an understanding of the concept.  She just never heard the phrase.  That led to a broader conversation about the etymology of the phrase.  Turns out it has something to do with drinking too much looking a lot like a horse with a feed bag tied to its face.  Apparently that’s also where the phrase “half in the bag” came from…if the internet is to be believed.  Now you know…

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We had some feedback from viewers that we used this morning talking about the Facebook deal in Altoona.  The company gets some sweet tax breaks to bring its facility here.  It’s fine of you disagree with the incentives offered by the city…that’s fair.  The problem I have is the idea that it’s one or the other.  If Altoona doesn’t offer property tax incentives and Facebook doesn’t come, that DOES NOT mean bridges get built or you get property tax breaks.  On the contrary, Facebook coming, even with the tax breaks, means MORE revenue for City and State tax coffers.  Think of the tax on utilities alone?  The few people who will work there may buy houses…they’ll shop at the grocery store and they will all pay income taxes to the state.  It’s not as simple as we make it out to be sometimes.


Speaking of, State Sen Jack Hatch came out saying that The Governor was hurting young children who suffer from seizures by not signing the medical cannabis bill.  We ran that story right after saying that The Governor doesn’t HAVE a final copy of the bill yet.  Tough to sign a document that isn’t there. That shouldn’t matter though if you are trying to accuse someone of making children suffer.


Bryce Miller at The Register reports the Memphis Grizzlies will formalize an affiliation agreement with the Iowa Energy today.  The agreement means Iowa will have Grizzlies up-and coming-players kind of like the I-Cubs have for the Chicago Cubs.   Good News for Central Iowa.


The Des Moines Schools vote on their new elementary school boundary maps tonight.  there was some initial worry from some parents in our neck of the woods wondering why they were being put in the Windsor Elementary boundary rather that Hanawalt.  Looks like the map has had some changes made to it.  Here is the link to the District site where you can compare current to proposed boundaries.  I can see why parents would show concern.  if you move into a neighborhood and invest in a property with the School District in mind, the district changing the boundaries in a matter of weeks would make me mad.  In a lot of cases it changes the value of the home.

Media Day

Ed, Michael Admire Dan and I went out to Wakonda yesterday to get an up close look at the golf course one month from the Principal Charity Classic.  The course is in beautiful shape. We saw A LOT of it.

It was a perfect day and I enjoyed the company thoroughly.  Two birdies to end the day and a winner in the closest to the pin contest also made it fun.  I was thinking as we went around yesterday, the tournament has a great venue even if you aren’t a golf fan.  On a beautiful day, grabbing a beer and  walking around Wakonda is a pretty good way to spend the day.

I hope you all have a good day.  As always feel free to comment on these or any other issues you might have.

Have a good day.



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