MORNING BUZZ: Discovery, Simpson, and Made in the USA

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Good Morning.

I’ve had my giant cup of coffee (or five) this morning so I’m ready to deliver a fast paced and very real morning buzz.



The discovery of two bodied in Blackhawk county has got to be an unthinkable mix of emotion for the parents of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins.  The two have been gone for five months.  There was real reason to hope they’d been taken alive…and would be found that way.  It didn’t turn out that way, and though the Medical Examiner has yet to confirm the identity of the remains…the town of Evansdale seemed resigned to the worst news last night.  We will find out more today.  I imagine there will be details missing from investigators…or they will not tell us some details.  Remember they often keep these things from the public so they can question a potential suspect.  If they know details that haven’t been made public…they can connect the suspect to the scene.  I hope they find the person or person’s responsible.


Former Sen Alan Simpson’s interview on the Today show was awesome.  I could listen to this guy talk all day long…he’s is no BS.  We could use about 300 more of him in Washington.  His observation that most lawmakers don’t even understand the financial issues facing the nation is very believable.  These guys are talking about and arguing over the political ramifications for them…not the realities for the rest of us.  Here’s another reason you need to be engaged: If you think it’s absurd that our lawmakers have no clue what they’re talking about…you should probably make sure the person you vote for is qualified…and not just the guy who the local union or the local church supports.  

Made in the USA

Great to see Apple is going to make one of its lines here in the US.  Makes sense.  The cost of shipping parts overseas and the finished product back has to come close to the cost of just paying American workers to do the job.  That said, my bet is that it will be made with Non-union labor.  

I’ve written here before, there is a place for Unions in our country.  They provide valuable protections and collective bargaining for some dangerous industries…coal mining comes to mind.  But much to the chagrin of Unions here…I’m guessing Apple will work in a state where it will not have to deal with Unions.  And why should it?  Does anyone think working conditions at an American Apple factory would be bad?  If they were, how long do you thing it would take for a hidden camera to find its way inside the factory and saddle Apple with the worst PR disaster it’s had in years?   They wouldn’t ruin the brand…Apple knows what that is worth.

Star Trek

OK… I know it makes me a geek but the trailer to the new Star Trek Movie is out. I’m excited.  I actually like the new Cast.  I’ll be going to see the new movie…probably with my Father-in-law cause Sally isn’t going to waste a perfectly god date night on Star Trek.  

And speaking of a good date night, she and I are headed out tomorrow night to see Lincoln.  Everyone I’ve talked to loved it and as I am a NERD about Civil war history…I imagine I will enjoy as well. This may be a stream of consciousness but on the topic of Lincoln, Doris Kerns Goodwin is the speaker at this year’s Greater Des Moines partnership dinner.  I may have to take the next morning off to go hear her speak. 

I’m also taking the day of so maybe you should all encourage Brooke to blog a little bit about being back at work after Maternity leave!

Have a great Day!



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