MORNING BUZZ: Dems, Disappointing and Up All Night

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Good Morning,

God doesn’t want me to sleep.  That may sound far fetched…it’s true.  I have proof and I’ll get to that. I was pretty much up all night last night fighting with an air conditioner and losing a few lbs in the process.  As we were headed to bed last night, Sally noticed it was warmer than it should be in our house.  We participate in Mid-American’s Summer Saver program.  It means on really hot days we often have our AC cycle off for a half hour.  It makes the house a little warmer usually.  I was quickly becoming clear…this was not that.

Our challenge is that the AC is in the attic of our 100 year-old home.  In order to check it out, I had to venture into a room baked by 100 degree temperatures all day.  Now most of you know I can do a good impression of Nixon at the Kennedy Debate when I’m just sitting on the set.    Put me in a hot attic and it takes about 60 seconds for me to look like I  just ran a marathon.  I was up there for about twenty minutes trying to figure out what was going on and I think I lost five pounds.

Turns out it was a kill switch placed in the pan below the AC unit.  The pan catches condensation off the AC but if it gets too full the sensor shuts off the AC so you don’t flood the attic and then the house.  So I sat there and dried the sensor until it reset…all the while getting more and more soaked in my own sweat.

The AC back on, I tried to go downstairs and get to bed only to be woken up about two hours later by the storm.  The adrenaline jolt from lightening strike a block away is too much to overcome when you’re trying to squeeze out the last twenty minutes of your night.  

Thankfully I awoke to the news that Brooke had her baby last night!  We’ll give you details and a picture tomorrow on the show but everyone is healthy and happy.  That at least made my day better.  

I slogged through the show and a haircut this morning; motivated by the thought of a short nap before I had to go back for the Noon.  I got home, and went right to bed…was in that wonderful state of pre-sleep when you know you’re going to get a good nap and BAM!  The doorbell rang.  

Now, you’re going to call me a liar when you read this…but I swear it’s true.  I went downstairs and was greeted by two lovely women at the door holding…wait for it…Bibles.  I’m sure their intent was good and I know I could use a little saving; but I didn’t let them get a word out. I needed sleep.  Good Lord willing….I’ll try for another nap this afternoon.

To the News:


So if you just reverse the polarity of the Republican convention last week…you get the Democrats convention this week.  I won’t go over my argument about how ridiculous the Party faithful on both sides have become in the last few years.  I’ll simply say this: The suggestion that “If Mitt Romney were Santa Claus, he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves.” is just silly.

To the people who are making these argument on both sides:  You make our Country a harder place to live.  Argue for your candidate.  Argue your philosophy.  Lift the debate…don’t drag it into the mud.

Speaking of…Disappointed

I can’t say how disappointed I am in Congressmen Leonard Boswell’s campaign commercial against his opponent Rep.Tom Latham.  His net worth got bigger while he was in Congress?

There are about a thousand reasons Latham’s worth could have gone up…none of them sinister and NONE OF THEM having anything to do with some shady deal or screwing the taxpayers.  But the implication that he used some sort of influence to get ahead while Iowans were left behind is cheap.  It is not worthy of a candidate who has served his country well.  Both men have a valid philosophy of governing, both have a record in Congress, and THAT should be the only thing we talk about when we decide who we sent to Congress in Iowa’s 3rd District.

Please feel free to agree, disagree or anything in-between! 

Hope you have a great day!



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