MORNING BUZZ: Campaigning, Resolution and “I don’t have Time for Sex”

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Good Morning!

I hope you have fun plans for the weekend.  I am taking Monday off.  I haven’t done that often for Memorial Day the last 13 years…but Brooke offered to work and i figured…why not?

The news


This may sound silly to some of you but I think i just figured out why I don’t really like politics these days.  It doesn’t matter if its good for the country…it matters to a politician only if it helps them keep their office.  This comes into sharp focus when we see things that everyone agrees on…but don’t happen because you can’t give anyone a political win in an election year. 

I am tired of the murky criticism flying back and forth.  Gov Romney comes to Iowa and talks about a Prairie Fire of debt sweeping across Iowa…It’s good imagery and it is true that The President has presided over increases in the debt that allowed it to rise to record levels. 

The President calls it a cow pie of distortion (Bull$#!^ for those of you who can’t figure that one out).  He says Federal spending grew at the slowest rate in 60 years in his 1st three years.  The Wall Street Journal did an article backing that claim…

But they’re still both right…and both wrong.  Romney is using the President’s claim that he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his 1st term…that aint’ happening right now.  Our debt is a problem…Romney fails to mention that it’s just as much Republican spending as it is Democrats that torched our financial prairie…and neither side seems to be serious about cutting the debt.  

  The President says spending rose at the lowest levels in 60 years and that’s true…but Government is way too big…and just doing less than the last guy isn’t enough.  The hard decision would be to actually cut the debt. 

Neither is able to deliver because they can’t do it alone.  It would take a miracle of feline herding to get Congress to actually back up the rhetoric of so many of its Members and do something about debt.  We certainly need to …ask Greece.  How it happens is a mystery until we get people in Congress who are willing commit to big ideas.  No one would…but I don’t think it’s because they think the other guy’s idea is so bad…I think both sides worry much more that the idea is going to work…and if it does…their opponent will get credit.      


So if you are the Parents of that kid in New York City abducted 30 years ago…and you’ve spent three decades wondering what happened to your kid…d you feel resolution that someone turned himself in or does your life revert back to the original pain you felt at losing your son?  I’d like to know what you think. 

“I don’t have time for sex”

If we’d come back from commercial break about five seconds earlier…that’s what you would have heard Brooke say this morning.  We were talking about Lolo Jones and her revelation that she’s a 29 year-old Virgin.  Then the Des Moines Register does a poll this morning asking if she should date superstar super-virgin Tim Tebow.  I’m sorry what?  Because they’re both virgins they’re a great match?  I think that’s a dumb question. 


Don’t look now but Zach Johnson is leading this week’s tour stop in Dallas.  He’s playing very well at a great time of year.  the John Deere Classic is coming up in July and this is a Ryder Cup year.  Johnny Miller commented during the Players Championship that Zach is the kind of player he wants on his team…tough competitive steady and a great putter.  I now have a reason to watch the Crown Plaza Invitational.


Last night, before bed, Sally got a gem out of our Boys. She asked, “What are you boys going to dream about?”

Will said: Two stars and some dollars…

JT: A monkey and a nest.

Dream Big boys.

I hope you have a good day…and as always I would love to know what you think about these or other news stories.


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