MORNING BUZZ: Bad Timing, Drinking, and The Fair

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Good Morning!

It almost looks like a good Football Saturday out there this morning.  Below Avg temp and some low clouds making it look crisp…it feels the same way stepping outside.  I love this kind of weather.

The News:

Skinny-dipping and Foot in Mouth

We didn’t run it but this morning the Today Show will be talking about two incidents that are pushing Republicans off message.  The first comes from a Congressional Delegation to Israel.  It happened right after the US credit downgrade and debt ceiling debate.  Some Congressmen and their Aides/families went skinny dipping/partially clothed swimming in the Sea of Galilee.  

If that wasn’t enough The newly minted republican Nominee for Senate in Missouri made some comments that a lot of people are calling offensive, ignorant and embarrassing to the Party.  I would agree with all of that.  Anyone who would make those comments isn’t showing a thoughtful approach to some of the most hot button issues of their campaign.  If you believe that life begins at conception…just say so…and that’s the end of it.  I think people can wrap their brain around the moral dilemma in the choice between one life and another.  Most people would not agree that a woman who is forced to have sex against her will…then gets pregnant…really liked it and that’s why she got pregnant.

This continues to be the disappointment of conservatives who believe their party should be about economics, not morality.  It begs the question…how many times is a seemingly, and avowed Christian Conservative, going to have to screw up like this before voters stop equating qualification for office and membership in a certain church?


Funniest story of the morning was the study showing Men drink more before they marry and then drinking tends to taper off post-nuptual.  Women drink less before they get married but start drinking more and more as the marriage lasts longer.  You be the judge of the accuracy or cause of those findings.


We took the boys out to the Fair on Sunday and I participated in two Fair Firsts thanks to my kids.  First we did the Big Slide.  I thought my kids would get up there and chicken out…but both of them got up to the top and let out a kind of grunt…and said…”Lets Race!”  We did and it was fun.  They cried, however when we got down and were told they could not go again.  $10/ride for my family and the resources run out quickly.  We did end up going again…but this was the first of many teary episodes at the Fair Sunday.  

That Slide is a racket…it took us 30 seconds to do the whole thing…for ten bucks.

I also rode Ye Old Mille with JT.  I thought there would be something in there…Nope…just dark.  He seemed to like it and cried when we couldn’t go around again.  I see we are going to have to try to explain the concept of “cost” a little better.  

Overall it was a really good day and I think the kids had fun.  Before they went to bed, Both boys said “Thanks for taking me to the State Fair Dad…I had a good time with you today. ”  At least one lesson we’re trying to hammer home is working.  

  I hope you all have a good day.



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