MORNING BUZZ: 50 opinions about 50 Shades

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Good afternoon:

Seems like everyone has an opinion about this new book series 50 Shades of Gray.  I haven’t read it and I don’t think I am going to read it.  Sounds like pretty normal Summer reading….we call it a Beach book in our house.  Cotton Candy for the Brain…and maybe a little trashy.  Actually a lot of people say it goes beyond trashy.  If this book doesn’t make you blush…you’re a pretty risqué person to begin with. I have no problem if people put this sort of fantasy in the right context…it’s fiction…It’s when people start thinking, “gosh I wish this is what my life were like”.   That’s when this stuff starts to be a problem.  I prefer non-fiction but I guess I really don’t care what other people enjoy reading.

I also got into a discussion with a friend about this book and the “controversy” surrounding it.  A LOT of people are reading it…so are we all secretly OK with the descriptions what some people might consider deviant sex?  Why are some people so hesitant to admit they’re reading 50 Shades?  I think most of us would be at least a little surprised and shocked to know what friends are really into in the bedroom.  

Now you know what we were talking about this morning.  I’s love to hear an opinion if you have one.  Have a great day!


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