Miami Vice, Barnstormers New Boss, Chris from Green Bay

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  • The University of Miami football program could be in BIG trouble. The Yahoo! investigative report from Charles Robinson contains allegations that make Ohio State, USC, and even SMU look well-behaved by comparison. It’s got it all: prostitutes, parties, cash payments, player bounties, jewelry, tickets, clothes, even an abortion.
  • ESPN’s Blueprint for Change or reform or whatever it’s called might be well intended, but give me a break. Nick Saban and Bob Stoops sitting around talking about their grave concerns that others are trying to exploit and profit from student-athletes. This from two guys making $5 million a year coaching amateur athletics with the full knowledge most of the players they’re recruiting are not coming to school for the free education.
  • Sports Illustrated puts Alabama #1 and Oklahoma #2, reversing the coaches poll. SI makes more sense. The SEC wins the national championship annually these days.

  • Stat of the day from Coaches By The Numbers: Since 2001, Bob Stoops has more “Major Upset Losses” (defined at 20+ point favorite) than any other active FBS head coach with four. What happened to Big Game Bob?
  • Jim Thome never seemed like a first ballot hall-of-famer to me, but he is. 600 homers is no joke.
  • I’m not sure if Mike Hohensee can coach the Barnstormers back to the playoffs, but I do know he’s going to entertain us with his passion. The guy would hold two-a-days tomorrow if he could.
  • The Iowa Corn Growers will unveil the new Cy-Hawk trophy at the state fair Friday morning. I’m told it’s made of pewter and will honor Iowa farming.
  • NFL Network’s Paul Burmeister hinted on our radio show Tuesday that Mediacom will soon add the NFL Network. I hope so. It will definitely save Mediacom some cancellations. Satellite providers won’t like the news as much.
  • Chris from Green Bay demands an apology from Paul because Paul didn’t pick the Packers to win the Super Bowl. Here’s a recent picture of Chris. I’m scared of how he got this ring.


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