Meet the Press, 1st Snow Freakout, and Stop Staring!

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Good Morning!

What is it about a man in a maternity section of a store that draws attention? Sally and I went out to buy her a couple of things last night and I actually thought I had something hanging off my face. I’m walking through the BabyGap and looking at the clothes for her (we had a specific mission), and the other women in the store looked genuinely surprised to see me. I haven’t been this uncomfortable since I stood next to that random pile of underwear in Victoria’s Secret while Sally picked a few pair. Yikes.
Meet the Press
I will be interested to hear the tone President Elect Obama uses at his first public news conference since his Tuesday night win. No more campaign rhetoric. I want to hear what he’s going to do.

S’no Big Deal
The flakes flew this morning as Jeriann predicted they would and yet, we all looked outside and wondered if we’d have, to steal a Brad Ehrlich phrase, “carmagedon”. It rarely fails. People see snow and something in their DNA blocks all memory of driving in winter conditions. It’s as if we all become drivers from Phoenix. SO far so good according to Brooke. Maybe next time.
The first snow of the year sparked a debate on the set. It’s the subject of today’s poll question. Feel free to expand on your answer to the poll.

We’re headed to our Baby Boot Camp this weekend. Should be a lot to report Monday. Have a great weekend!
Sorry this is late. As you see by the time signature, I actually wrote the thing before the show was over. I forgot to hit “publish”. It’s easier for you all to read it when I finish that last step.



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