Let’s Go Bowling, Perrault heads Home

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  • The UNI women’s basketball team has now won 14 games in a row, not to mention a conference title, and we’ve yet to receive a single email or call to SoundOFF or the Murph & Andy Show. Does anyone care about the Panthers? The answer appears no, but props to former Des Moines Lincoln star Tanya Warren for doing an outstanding job in Cedar Falls. She’ll soon have other job options.
  • Chicago Cubs single game tickets went on sale Friday. The good thing is it’s a nice reminder spring is nearly here. The bad is you know ticket brokers bought most of the seats and they’ll jack up the costs on StubHub and other outlets.
  • Bears gave Lovie Smith another two years. He earned it.
  • Southeast Polk’s Tyler Solum bowled a 793 series at state. That’s an average of 264! Sick.
  • Congrats to KXNO’s Matt Perrault. After nearly 2 years on the Matt & Miller Show, he’s headed home to New England where Matt will work for stations in New Hampshire and Boston. Matt often riles peoples up, but it’s not by taking fake stances or manufactured outrage. Matt says how he feels, with passion, and you never have to wonder. He’s the kind of host many say they don’t listen to, and then go on to explain why by listing everything he said recently. Good luck, Matt.
  • How ’bout a Saturday full of college basketball fun? Sounds good to me.


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