Leap Year, Mystery Illness and Prince Harry in Afghanistan

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Good morning everyone. As always, glad it’s Friday because that means I get to sleep in tomorrow. It’s the little things in life that make us happy, isn’t it?

It’s also February 29th otherwise known as Leap Day. This is a such an interesting day in our calendar system and frankly I haven’t thought that much about it until this year. Because it comes only every four years, it’s pretty rare when someone is born on this day. But out in Ankeny at Reeces, WHO Radio’s Van and Bonnie broadcast their morning show and invited all Leap Day babies to celebrate their unique birthday. There were quite a few people out there and the place reminded me of Chucky Cheese. In other words, it was a little crazy. Jeriann also had a hard time hearing me during our tosses so there was a lot of talking over each other. Hey, it’s live tv! One of the best interviews of the morning was involving a woman who is 24 but was recalling on live television how she tried to buy cigarettes on her 18th birthday which was the the 28th not the 29th. I think as she started to tell the story she realized she was probably saying something she didn’t want to share… it just sort of came out. Again, gotta love live tv.

According to a website devoted to the day, most leap day babies celebrate on the 28th so they can celebrate on the same month in which they were born. Your birth certificate says February 29th but your driver’s license will say March 1. Here’s a link to the sight that has a lot of fun facts.

Mystery Illness
Two dozen students all in the same class at Catell Elementary School in Des Moines got ill yesterday and had to be taken to the hospital. They were throwing up and feeling dizzy. It is still not clear what caused them to get sick. Doctors suspect that it is some kind of environmental hazard because the students all got sick at about the same time. Look for more to come on this story. The good news is that most of the students are out of the hospital and doing just fine. Two of them had to stay overnight but are doing well.

Prince Harry In Afghanistan
We heard about this story overnight. Apparently the Royal Family was able to keep it under wraps for a few months. Until today, that is. Last year when Harry went to Afghanistan, the British government asked the major news outlets not to report on the fact that Harry is fighting on the front lines in the war on terror. But someone couldn’t keep their mouth shut and it leaked. We’ve heard different reports about who blabbed. A magazine in Australia and the Drudge Report are both being blamed. The Royal Family says Harry is now on his way home because it’s too much of a threat for him and his fellow soldiers to be there when terrorists know he is there.

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine.



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