Late Payment, Late Opening and…Just Late

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So it’s never good when I roll over and the clock already says 3am. It was one of those mornings. If you read this blog consistently, you know I do this from time to time. This morning I know I set my alarms, but I must have rolled over and turned them off. This is when I know I need some time off for a vacation. I’m so tired I don’t remember waking up.
Anyway the good news about my schedule is that even if I’m late, it’s not the end of the world. I rushed through he morning routine a little and made it about a half hour later than I normally do.
The downside is that I don’t get as much time to prepare. If any of you saw the show (we’ll get to why many of you didn’t this morning in a minute), at least someone probably saw me try to read the story about the State Fair Chocolate contest. The teleprompter sometimes plays funny tricks on us. In this case I admit to not having pre-read the story closely…so when the teleprompter split the word contestant into two lines, it came out of my mouth…contest…ants. I’m sitting there reading this thinking…are they dipping ants in chocolate? What the heck is going on at the Fair! We got a good laugh out of it.

To the news:
How would you like to be someone waiting for your car in the Cash for Clunkers program? I think everyone is waiting for the Government to say…oops! We can’t pay you back. The dealers holding cars till the money comes in are smart.

The Federal deficit is something like $626 million less than we thought it was going to be this year. Before you get excited…it’s because the Federal Government handed out less money than it thought it would to banks. That’s not really deficit reduction…it’s just more bad Math.

Late Opening
The Cement at the new Aquatic Center in Ames wasn’t up to snuff, so they’re going to have to re-pour the whole thing. Good for the City of Ames. If it’s not right…don’t accept the work. I hope the contractor paid for it.

Phone Call.
So I get this phone call last night just after we finished dinner. It’s a recording of Leonard Boswell inviting me to stay on the line and “participate” in his telephone Town Hall Meeting. Now I didn’t RSVP to the event like we told people they HAD TO. I got an unsolicited call. My number isn’t listed. So tell me why people had to RSVP if you were just going to call people Congressman?
I’m sure his motives were solid here…get more people into the conversation, but this is the kind of thing that might make some people thing the Congressman can’t just stand up in front of a group of people and answer unscripted questions…or doesn’t want to. I don’t like the idea that some people were made to RSVP…to give their information, and I was called without asking to participate. I know at least one person who called…RSVP’d and then didn’t get a call. This sounds more like a cheer leading session for the President’s Healthcare reforms than a true discussion with voters.

So I know I am really addicted to golf when I spend about three hours watching , “Live from the Solheim Cup”. What? you ask. Solheim Cup. It’s the equivalent to the Ryder Cup in Women’s Golf. I actually just really enjoy the format. Team golf events are compelling. I also have a mild crush an Natalie Guilbus. Don’t worry my wife knows.

So that’s how the day is going so far,
We’ll see how it finishes up.


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