Landing, Changes and Desks

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Good Morning!

If you have missed the blog on certain days it’s not because I’m not writing it. I am. The gremlins are after me. We have upgrading some computers here at WHO which is a really welcome change…we appreciate the investment! The software isn’t always working well with older programs and that appears to be the case with blogger. Sometimes it lets me spellcheck (and I need to) and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I can bold the titles…sometimes I can’t (like today). So I’m doing the best I can. if a posting is late…it’s because the program won’t publish. I’ll get it on as soon as I can. Hopefully we can get the bugs worked out but we appreciate your patience!

I admit it…I’m a geek. Not a dress up like a Super Hero Comic-con Geek…but a geek none the less. I love listening to NASA TV when a shuttle is landing. This morning we got the extra special treat f watching the landing just before we went on the air. The Shuttle slowed from Mach 14 (14x the speed of sound) to a full stop in about a half hour. That’s the kind of tidbit that fascinates me.
The Shuttle landing is the end of an Era…and about a million people have put it…but it’s time. It’s time for NASA to find it’s next challenge. I found it interesting that the White House Tweeted: Excited about ushering in a bold new era of exploration in space.
Funny, wasn’t it the President that cut NASA’s next era of exploration when he cut the Moon Program? Anyway. I hope The White House has some ideas on what’s Next for NASA.
Why is going deeper into space important?
As one TV Show put it…
“‘Cause it’s next. For we came out of the cave, and we looked over the hill,
and we saw fire. And we crossed the ocean, and we pioneered the West, and we took to the
sky. The history of man is hung on the timeline of exploration, and this is what’s next. “

Tiger Woods fired his caddy Steve Williams. For the non-golf fan out there…he’s generally considered to be the best caddie in the world and was, in some part, responsible for Tiger’s incredible success over the last decade.
We’re watching the total implosion f one of the best athletes of all time. What we’re finding out is that Athletic talent does not make you a good person…and success tot he extent that Tiger Woods enjoyed i can lead to a view of the world that can best be described as Fantasy land. If Tiger is looking for an answer to what ails him…he need only look in the mirror.

So there’s a study out that says people (like me) who don’t exactly keep their desk tidy are less likely to be promoted than people (like Brooke) who’s desks are neat. Not a huge surprise…I always tell people , ‘I know where everything is on my desk…and that’s all that matters. I am a bit of a hoarder.
Just a sampling of things on my desk: An old Jimmy Buffet ticket, my first press pass, a Ryan Theroit bobble head, The SPJ code of Ethics, and a book on how to putt better.
I can’t imagine why anyone would find that random.

I hope you all have a god day!


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