Lance, Lance, and next year…Some more Lance

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If you’ve been in a soundproof windowless room for the last week or two, you probably need to know…Lance Armstrong is riding in RAGBRAI. It’s kind of cool actually to watch someone who looks like he’s never been to Iowa become a convert to the state so quickly. Listening to him speak in Newton after the first leg of his three day ride, Lance looked like he was genuinely surprised at what he saw and experienced on the county roads and small towns of central Iowa. Nice to have someone that influential think your state is a cool place to be. Lance is on to Iowa City tomorrow where he’ll testify in congressional hearings on Cancer research. The biggest headline he made this morning was Armstrong’s promise to come back next year and do the entire ride. Don’t be surprised if he does it. He’s passionate about making the search for a cure to cancer a national priority, and Iowa is the place to be for that kind of thing a year before a presidential election.

Speaking of politics, former President Bill Clinton will be here in October. He’s speaking at the Democrat’s Jefferson/Jackson dinner. Republican or Democrat, if you haven’t heard him speak…You really should go. I got the chance to see him in Iowa city a few years ago, and he was a very impressive speaker.

Lastly, the Today show followed up on a story we brought you last night. The US Conference of Mayors is meeting in Washington where they basically told everyone…We’re not prepared for a terrorist attack or an outbreak of disease.

Last, but not least I wanted to say thank you to the Forum Breakfast Club in Des Moines for their kind invitation and attention Tuesday. I didn’t blog that day because I met with the group just after seven when I am usually doing this. They were an engaging group with a lot of interesting questions. It helps that breakfast is the meal where I am usually the most alert.

Hope you all have a good day.


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