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Today was picture day at the station. It’s been a whole year since my last picture, which means it’s been a whole year that I have been working here at WHO! My how time flies!

I always dread picture day. It’s THE day my hair will not cooperate, something always goes wrong with my outfit, and something very important to the “get-ready-process” is inevitably missing. It’s held true since grade school- I still remember that frizzy haired perm-gone-wrong picture of me with my front tooth missing. It’s a haunting picture, and not in a good way. Sure enough, “Picture Day” strikes again. First it was the hair- no matter what I did it laid funny. Then I got hair spray droplets on my shirt and they somehow stained. And the thing that was missing? My foundation. (a key part of the makeup process for those of you who aren’t familiar.)

I was determined to beat the picture day bad luck. I arrived ready to shine! Until it was time to take ::dun dun dun:: the Serious Picture. Something you should know about me- I cannot take a serious picture to save my life. Apparently in Iowa you are not allowed to smile in your drivers license picture? Ya, mine looks like I’m about to punch someone. Somehow, even when I tell myself “I am smiling with my eyes!” it comes out all pursed lips and angry faced. I don’t get it. Needless to say the picture guy remembered me from last year. I’m the one that can’t do serious. ::Sigh:: Let’s hope I never need to use one of those pictures this year.

That was earlier today. Now I am just getting some “office work done” (emails, Facebook, Twitter, you know) while I wait for my story tonight. At 6:30 I’ll be going to the Charter School Open House. If you haven’t been following the story, here it is in a nutshell: Central Iowa’s only Charter School is at risk of closing. Serving only about 150 students and being $100,000 short, the Des Moines School Board is faced with the task of deciding if and when it should shut the doors. But the Charter School parents and board members aren’t giving up. Refusing to just sit and wait for the verdict (which is scheduled for sometime early June) the school is hosting an open house tonight. They are hoping to recruit some more students, as well as send a message of how important the school is to the area, state and families who live here. We’ll see who shows up and what happens. I’ll have that story at 10, plus it will be on the web. (Just in case you were wondering.)      :)


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