KRYSTLE CLEAR: Final Farewell

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I walked into the newsroom today not knowing what to expect. To be honest, it hadn’t hit me yet that it was my last day.

It’s hard to explain, but on one hand I feel like I’ve been at WHO for a lot longer than two years, but on the other, I feel like I just got here. I have had some amazing experiences here in Iowa, and have been able to tell some amazing stories.

As I began to wrap up my time here at the station, a couple people have asked me variations to the questions: “What was you’re favorite story?” and “What will you miss most?” It might sound cliche, but I don’t have a favorite story- there have been too many. But I do I have a favorite type of story- and they are the stories the people of Iowa have been so great in sharing-  the stories of people overcoming, and coming together, for one great reason or another. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I will never get sick of telling these stories. So, what will I miss the most? Being able to meet these people and share these stories here.

Tonight’s story was a great example of that.

Have you heard of Crossfit? In my opinion, it’s pretty intense. (And I can say that from experience- I was part of a Crossfit gym when I lived in Sioux Falls.)  But, as is often the case with groups like that come together over one common goal, it can become like a second family. Tonight, the Crossfit Gym in Ankeny came together to celebrate the life of a fallen marine- who’d brother happens to be an original member of this gym.

I think what they did tonight sets a great example. They didn’t raise any money, or hold a giant benefit- they supported the marine, his sacrifice, and his family through time, and thought by completing an especially tough workout in his honor. As one of the co-owners put it :

“It’s not so much a race against the clock, as it is going through the workout, thinking about what that individual might have been, what he was like as a person, what they`re family is like, kind of just getting a little bit intimate as you’re going through the suffering and kind of thinking what else did this guys do for me, that allows me to come in here and do this type of stuff in remembrance of him,” said Travis Parton, Co-owner of Crossfit Ankeny.

Personally, there are so many times I see something, or hear a story and think ” I would love to do something to help that person/cause!” And automatically, I think it has to be money, or in some very elaborate show of support. But this reminded that even something that can seem like a small gesture to some, can end up causing a huge impact.

“We were best friends. He was marine that served the country very proudly. And on August 1st of 2000 he gave his life to save two innocent people and paid the ultimate sacrifice and I’m just very proud of him,” said Nathan Fulk, brother of fallen marine Jeremy Fulk, “it means a lot to my family and I to be supported and have a big gathering in support of my brother and his actions.”

These are the stories I will miss the most- but they are also the stories I will continue to seek out – no matter where life takes me.


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