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Good Morning. I can’t say I’m going to be that organized today. It’s been a crazy 24 hours and really a crazy few months. I think the chaos is starting to have an effect.
We’re finishing a bathroom up at the new house and things are actually going quite well. It’s the other quirks of an older home that can trip you up.
We had a plumber over yesterday to deal with a couple of small issues…turns out he needed to do some work on the boiler.
I left to go back to work to do the Noon show…no problem; until I got a call at 11:30 saying there was sewage backing up into my basement. Can’t do anything about it. Thank God we have a competent woman staying with our kiddos and watching over our home. She called a sewer service that was set up to get there just as I was getting home.
So we went down to the basement when the guy arrived. The sewer service would have to wait. I got to the basement to find a thin haze of what smelled like smoke. Now we’ve just had some major electrical work done as well, and this is an old house, so you never know what’s going to happen. I didn’t mess around. I went upstairs and called the fire department and asked that they come over and take a look. Better safe than sorry with two eighteen-month old kids sleeping upstairs. Fire Department came over, didn’t find any problems but identified the smell…The plumber soldered the new piece of equipment to the boiler. It left the smoke and smell and there’s really not a lot of good venting in that basement.
So, feeling like a little bit of a freak, I turned my attention to the sewer. That hadn’t been cleaned out since Henry Wallace lived in my neighborhood. So the guys snaked out the piping and the crap, as they say, can flow downhill.
By 3:30 the carpenters were back making enough noise to wake up the boys from a nap and I just wanted to get the heck out of the house. We went to the gym where the boys could run around and I could get a workout in. I feel much better this morning.

Just a copula other thoughts:
-I now identify with people who get sewage in their basement. Those people in Elkhart deserve an answer.
-Drive at a Police officer with your car, pull a gun on a Police officer…whatever…if you are headed at them in any kind of a threatening way…you are going to get shot. Police officers deserve the right to protect themselves.
-RVTV continues to be one of the best annual events at this station. I continue to feel guilty about waking up the guys in Ames a few years ago with the Fire Department.
-Now I wish I’d bought some Casey’s stock back in January.
-Richard Daley is stepping down after his term expires as Chicago’s Mayor. Whatever you think about Daley and Chicago politics, the man LOVES the City and has done some really good things. He’s a tough act to follow.
-Sandra Day O’Connor is her in Des Moines today talking about why it’s important to keep politics out of the Judiciary. I agree.
Let’s see, A Reagan appointed, Goldwater-era conservative does not support the effort to oust Iowa’s Supreme Court Justices because they ruled on a question put before them.
You would think that would make someone who calls themselves a conservative take notice…
-Gen, Ray Odierno is back from Iraq and took the opinion that many military men have. The Church planning on burning the Koran on the 9/11 anniversary puts US troops in danger.
Why are we giving these people any attention?
In this day and age, it’s important that the majority of voices going out to the world from the US, be the ones who say this is wrong. We respect their right to have an opinion and even to burn a religious book in protest…but it is not the stance of a majority of Americans. More people need to say that. Saying nothing or trying to ignore this kind of hate is the way it festers below the surface.
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