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Good morning. I have only one story from the weekend but want your opinion on how it played out.
For those of you who are familiar, the Costco gas station is quite a setup. When it gets busy it can be a little test of patience as cars weave in and out of the pumps to try to get some gas and get out of there.
So we stopped to get some gas Sunday after a trip to Costco, and As I waited for a pump to open up, I saw there was a pump open in front of the truck I was waiting behind. I paused…no one made a move to go use the pump. There were four or five of us waiting. I paused again…no one making a move. So I pulled forward rather easily, into the open slot.
So I get out and the guy in front of me looks at me and says, “How am I supposed to get out?”
Now when I pulled up I made sure I’d left enough room for the guy to get out. It really wasn’t a problem but I sensed he was annoyed. So I said…”Looks like you’ll be able to get out.”
Then he says, “What about the guy behind me…he was waiting.”
I really didn’t know what to say. We were all just sitting there. No one was moving and it seemed stupid to me to wait just because someone else didn’t want to sue the pump. It’s like being at the grocery and a cashier opens in the lane next door. You don’t back your cart out so the lady who’s trapped by the tabloid stand can get out of your line and into the line that just opened. Technically she’s ahead of you, but it makes more sense for you to go ahead.
I asked the guy complaining behind me if he was serious. He said he was. I shrugged my shoulders, but I was mad… I hold the door for people, I usually wave someone in front of me when they’re trying to merge into my lane. I’ll even wave a guy through at a stop sigh if we both show up at the same time. My point is I’m a polite person but who in the world would try to make a big deal out of someone pulling into a slot at a gas station?
Just wondering. Was I wrong to pull forward?


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