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Good Monday morning. It’s going to be an odd week. I can tell already.
Sally is headed out of town so I am going to stay home with the boys tomorrow.
Wednesday it’s back at it, then we’re off together Thursday for our first couples only trip since the boys were born.
We’re both looking forward to the break.

To the News

Watched the entire men’s Hockey final on the edge of my seat. I like hockey. I LOVED watching that game. I hope it leads to more people watching hockey on regular basis.
If you are still sceptical about hockey I have a suggestion. Go watch a game live. If you can, sit behind one of the goals and a few rows back off the ice. If you’re seat is a little elevated you’ll see the action coming at you and going away from you. It’s much easier to see plays develop and watch how players fill space. Te first time I watched a game from the upper deck of The United Center behind the goalie, I enjoyed it a lot more and understood what I was watching on TV a lot better.
-Just a couple more Olympic thoughts: Kudos to the Canadians for BELTING out their national anthem every time it played. We could do a little more of that here in the US.
-Canadian fans showed how much they appreciate good hockey with their enthusiastic applause for the American team during the medal ceremony.
-Now I wish I stayed up for the closing ceremonies. They joked about the fourth leg of the cauldron not working, William Shatner did a bit and there were inflatable beavers! What more could you want?

Girls BB
Welcome to all of the out-of-towners who are making their way to Des Moines this week. I know some people complain about the extra traffic and the extra teenagers all over the place. I actually love it. I think the State tournaments are one of the best parts of living in Des Moines.

One of our viewers rightly scolded me for trying to explain the plot of the new movie just shot in Iowa to Brooke this morning.
Our script was sort of non-descript about the “homicidal plague” that infects a fictional Iowa town in the movie named , “The Crazies”.
I sensed Brooke’s confusion reading the story and tried to explain what I thought I knew about the plot. There’s some sort of a plane crash that leads to the town being infected. I thought it was airborne…it wasn’t(as our viewer rightly pointed out). The chemical gets into the water.
I wanted to make sure I corrected myself and try to correct the viewer’s perception that , “Patrick thinks he knows it all”.
I’ve resolved to stick to the suggestion he gave in his email that I should , “shut his mouth and just read what is wrote.”

With that, I hope you have a good morning.


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