Jobs, Racisim? and Bed Bugs

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To The News…
Brooke and I agreed, beyond the unemployment numbers here in Iowa, Dave Price’s excellent story about I-Jobs is the talker of the day. Where are the jobs? We’ve been asking the Governor’s office for a while now. We’ve asked and asked and asked again. Each time, the Governor’s office delayed an answer. When Dave finally went to them this last time they estimated the number of jobs created at 7-9,000. That’s NOT the tens of thousands of jobs the Governor promised when the legislature debated this program. So where did the money go? My guess is that the answer is not going to be good news for the Gov.

A USDA employee, The Director of Rural Development for Georgia, made a speech at an NAACP event last year. In it Shirley Sherrod was relating a story about a white farmer who’d asked for help in the 80’s farm crisis. Sherrod related that initially she didn’t give the man all the help she could. She said she was conflicted because there were a lot of black farmers who were losing their land. Here’s the video of the speech.

Sherrod says full speech shows she ended up helping this man save his farm and they actually ended up being friends. Her point in relating the story was that we all have those kind of biases and we need to learn to set them aside as she did. Secretary Vilsack says he’s reviewing the speech and her resignation. The White House says Vilsack did not consult with anyone there before he asked for her resignation, but that The President stood by Vilsack’s decision.

A side note to share. Nightly News also ran this story about voter intimidation at a Philadelphia polling place election day 2008.

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Bed Bugs
To a person, we all agreed this story made us itch. Someone put a bag full of live bed bugs in a City building downtown. They’ve fumigated the building twice and now have plans to heat the building to 140 degrees. That also kills the bugs.
Our questions: Who would do this? Why? and How do you get your hands on a bag full of live bed bugs? It can’t be easy.
Someone emailed to ask why we were making light of it. We weren’t. We were all totally grossed out by it.

Carlos Zambrano will pitch in Des Moines tomorrow or Friday. More interesting might be his news conference today. Big Z will answer questions about the temper tantrum that landed him in therapy. Fans can see him pitch tonight or tomorrow.
The other thing Cubs fans are perpetually focused on is the future. “Next Year” takes on new significance because Lou Pinella is retiring at the end of the season. Sh should Ryne Sanburg get the job? Joe Girardi’s name is also out there. As someone who grew up watching both play, that’s a tough choice.

Temper Tantrums Take 2
We are beginning to deal with some moderate to severe temper tantrums at our house, especially at bedtime.
JT doesn’t seem to want to change into his PJs. He’s flailing around the room, throwing himself on the ground…and his balance isn’t that good to begin with. And did I mention the screaming. Sally describes it as a rusty barn door. I would direct to you Jarasick Park 2. The baby T-rex? Yeah, that’s what he sounds like.
Hard to ignore as a parent but that’s the advice we’re getting. It’s hard not to wonder…is this going to be the way my kid behaves? I am confident it’s a phase. He’s really a sweet kid but he’s testing his parents this week.

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