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That means this will be a random collection of thoughts…
Let’s begin.

What’s the deal in Des Moines lately? We’ve had more than our share of overnight news lately. This stabbings the latest event. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

Occupy 2 Months
The marches and gatherings are starting to blend together…Still no cohesive message or goal. Corporate America Bad is not a goal.
I heard an interview with a guy who was part of the occupy Boston movement yesterday on NPR. He now has a job in the corporate tower overlooking the Boston encampment. He and some friends say they are looking at developing a website for more people to get involved, help them learn how to run for local office etc. Bravo! He gets my vote for the first constructive thing I’ve heard out of this group. Being mad and protesting is one thing. I have great respect for the people who have a beef and then try to follow through with constructive ideas.
A side note. My cousin’s car was stolen. Police located the car near the Occupy encampment in her city. Here’s her Facebook post describing how she found the car:

So… my stolen car was recovered, and apparently the thief had been living in it. Found amid the expected multitude of cigarette butts and bags of Doritos were: a laptop case containing no laptop but instead a “Laptop” magazine with a porn magazine hidden stealthily inside it; 3 backpacks full of VERY dirty clothes; a lot of towels, tarps, and bungee cords; environmentally-friendly laundry detergent and bleach; many packages of mayonnaise and butterscotch pudding; a jar of hydrogen peroxide; a rubber skeleton-hand glove; a foot-callus scrubber; and a portable pet carrier with the book “Cockatiels for Dummies” inside of it. Let the detailing begin…

I’ll let that speak for itself.

I’m impressed with Michele Bachmann’s response to a student at Drake University yesterday. She was explaining her Healthcare plan and the kid blurted out…”So just screw the homeless and the poor?” I’d expect a more nuanced question from someone getting a world-class education. If you dislike Bachmann, and I have been critical at times…that’s fine. You don’t have to go to her speech. If you are there, she deserves the respect we should give a candidate for President. Questioning her plans and engaging the candidate with tough questions is surely a good idea…blurting something like that out is not high minded debate.

Missouri’s head Football Coach Gary Pinkle was arrested for DWI the other day. Pinkle apologized immediately. he didn’t lawyer up…he took responsibility and had the best explanation of a situation like this. He said he preaches good decision making to his kids all the time. He made a bad decision and never should have put himself or the University in that position.

Ok I hope you all have a good weekend.


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