ISU Cagers and Iowa Grapplers

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Fred Hoiberg has done a capable job with Iowa State early on, but it’s already clear he needs more players. The Cyclones have almost no depth. I was also told by a source today that DeMarcus Phillips’ is not long for Ames, and that won’t help the depth situation. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how much improvement Scott Christopherson and Diante Garrett have shown since last season, but they can’t do it all by themselves.

There’s no question the Iowa wrestling team is down this year, relatively speaking. I thought Iowa State had a legitimate shot to end Iowa’s dual winning streak Friday night, but the match wasn’t really that close. With the Hawks win over Michigan State Saturday, they’ve now won 67 duals in a row. It’s an amazing streak, but because of Iowa’s tradition, most people barely pay attention to it.

Hassel and I host SoundOFF Sunday. We’ll see if Cooter Ray shows up.



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