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I’ll make it quick as we’re ending the Noon news in a few minutes.

The best news I got all day is the beginning of the return of Iowa Soldiers from Afghanistan. 200 return from Fort McCoy tomorrow at three different locations. All three thousand are supposed to be back by the end of the month.

Beginning of the End
The Corps of engineers is lowering the flow at Gavin’s Point Dam…That’s the first good news from Western Iowa in a long time.

We’ve had a spirited discussion on kids in restaurants today on Facebook. There’s a guy in Pennsylvania that’s banning kids from his eatery because they’re disruptive. Some parents took offense, some say…that’s the owner’s call.
As a newer Parent, i would say Sally and I will get our kids out rather than ruin someone else’s experience. We talked about this last week. You don’t get to ruin someone else’s meal…that’s a lesson I learned early. i knew my parents wouldn’t be afraid to take me out to the car and make me sit there if I misbehaved…or pack up the whole crew and go home. Of course there are some restaurants that are made for little kids and families…and no one cares…but my philosophy is that going out to eat in a privilege. I hope my kids learn when you are dining with other people…it’s time to be on your best manners.

At the writing of this we are watching the USA Women’s Soccer team beat France to get to their first World Cup Finals since 1999.
I got a little grief from some people in the newsroom for showing interest in Women’s Soccer, but I don’t care. Put a U.S .uniform on a team sport and I am usually interested.
And the answer is, Yes. I did wear the red, white and blue tie because of the semifinal match.
British open starts tomorrow! Zach tees off just after our show ends.

One last word…hope our friend “C” in Marshalltown has her lights and A/C back on. What a miserable week to live through no power. No matter where you are this weekend, please stay cool, drink lots of water and if you have to be outside, be aware of taking breaks in the shade.

Have a good one.


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