Hold-ups, Watches and Stands

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Good Morning!
What a great day yesterday. I’m glad I got out when I did. there was a little debate in my head….clean the basement…or go golfing. I’m glad the golf won. It’s going to get hot and humid as the week goes on so I think the work in the basement can wait until I needs someplace cool to hide.

The Former Alaska Governor was in Iowa last night for the premiere of the documentary about her. She used her time in front of the microphones to say the Media is the problem. We’re the ones who attack people and misrepresent their record.
Oh, OK…I’m sorry…so you want us to take these cameras and go then? I’m sorry we bothered you. I’m sure the Book and the movie will get plenty of publicity on it’s own.
On a side note, we got a few emails from people asking why lead with Palin and not the President’s visit. I think there’s an honest debate to be had there. One event was in our viewing area and may have a significant impact on the Caucuses. One event was a photo-op for the President outside of our viewing area where we have an agreement with one of our affiliates.

The Legislature seems confident it can wrap up this week and I hope so. It was disheartening to hear about a hold up in the negotiations over abortions funded by Medicaid.
The Register reports:

In Iowa in 2010, there were five abortions to save the lives of mothers, none in
the other two categories, said Roger Munns of the Iowa Department of Human
Services. Since 2005, there have been no abortions resulting from incest and
three from rape.
Iowa Medicaid also covers abortions if the fetus has an
extreme deformity, Munns said. In many abortions of deformed fetuses, the fetus
would not live if delivered, he said. Twenty-two abortions of deformed fetuses
were performed in 2010.

My hang up about this is that this narrow issue will hold up the budget negotiations. Elective abortions aren’t being performed en mass on Medicaid’s dime…there are circumstances…tragic circumstances and I bet we don’t even want to know the stories and the heartache behind them. Is this so lawmakers can go back to supporters and say they stopped state funding for abortion? If that’s the case it’s a miss. In these circumstances described, this is not doing anything to end abortion. it’s heaping more hurt on people who are already in a bad place. I wonder if there’s more to be done educating people on safe sex?


So I was giving Jeriann a hard time this morning. We’re going to be under an “Excessive Heat Watch” tomorrow. What am I watching for? Are we not sure it’s going to be that hot? Sure looks like it.

She explained to me that this is like a thunder storm watch…the conditions are right for an excessive heat warning to be issued. I get it, but I disagree with the way this one is used. If a Thunderstorm Watch is issued, conditions exist for severe weather…it may or may not happen. In this case…it’s going to be hot and humid…we’re pretty sure of it…there’s nothing to watch for.

I propose using a Heat advisory…The National Weather Service can advise me that it’s going to be hot. I will feel sufficiently warned.

So the sweet corn is going to be a few days late. This will not hinder my enjoyment of sweet corn the rest of the season. We’re asking which stand is your favorite to go buy sweet corn. Specifics here people. I want addresses.

Have a good one…stay cool…you’ve been warned.



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