Hoiberg’s Perfect, Miller Flips, Unstoppable Stopped

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  • Fred Hoiberg remains perfect as a head coach. The Cyclones are now 5-0. They haven’t really beaten a good team, so the record isn’t a shock, but what’s most impressive is the way the team is playing. The Cyclones are having fun again.
  • As I type, I’m watching one of my favorite comic commentators, Dennis Miller. It’s fascinating to see his act go from the left to the right. He used to skewer what he now embraces, and vice-versa. He’s funny in any ideology.
  • I’ve been called out on the comments section for Tuesday’s review of the movie Unstoppable.

Not Philip31972 said…

Murph your an idiot. How can you give “Unstoppable” an A-? There are some great action sequences, but aside from that, the movie is one tired cliche. From the big bad corporate execs motivated only by profit to the co-workers and Hooters patrons watching the coverage on TV while cheering on our heroes, we’ve seen it all before. And once the train is stopped – all broken relationships are repaired! C’mon, Murph! I know you’ve watched enough movies to know better.

I responded….

Everything you write is true, but I still enjoyed myself. It’s been a bad year for action movies, so maybe I’m too generous. I also got to see it with my dad, which is a treat, so my mood was good going in.

All told, I like Unstoppable a lot.


The Idiot

Upon further reflection, A- is too high, but I didn’t expect The Hurt Locker or Social Network. I expected a runaway train wreaking havoc for 90 minutes, and Unstoppable delivered top notch action. Plus, it wasn’t animated.

  • Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have the opportunity to spend time with friends and family.


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