He’s running

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Gov V just got some props for his run (no, not his presidential run). A national story did point out how he walks the walk when he talks the talk.

Here’s the deal…. Kentucky’s Gov Ernie Fletcher is trying to get his chubbier citizens to get up and move around a little. So you’d think he’d be willing to lead by example and walk home from work every night. Did I mention he lives 500 feet from his office?

It turns out, a limo takes him home every night. 500 feet! How much is gas again?

Here’s the story that’s picked up in the Kentucky Post…

“Across the country, several governors who live near state Capitols routinely walk to work. In Iowa, Gov. Tom Vilsack sometimes jogs the three miles from the Capitol to his home at the end of the work day. Like Fletcher, Gov. Chris Gregoire in Washington state, Gov. Rick Perry in Texas and Gov. Haley Barbour in Mississippi routinely ride to work from their homes next door.”

O.K., it’s not a great quote, but any national press is good press. Right, Gov?


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