Hawks Win and Lose, Leadership, and One in One Out

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Good Morning
It’ll be a short blog for the end to a short work week. I hope most of you didn’t have to go back to work this morning and could take an extended break.

To The News:
Hawks Win
I saw a friend who’s also a Hawkeye fan at a dinner party last night and he led off with, “The Hawks could beat anyone outside the top ten right now and maybe the top five.”
There does seem to be an upper tier of College football this year. A handful of exciting teams and then the “also rans”. I would put Iowa in the latter rather than the former. Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Alabama, Ohio State, even LSU would be hard match-ups for the Hawks. Heck, I’d love to see the Hawks match up with Missouri. That would be a good game. But lest not get carried away. This was a team that peaked at the right time. They also have one of the best coaches in the country.

For a definition see Iowa State’s Administrators and Coaches taking an unpaid week of leave to help with the budget. It’s not going to make a big dent in the budget shortfall, but it’s a symbolic gesture that shows they understand they are part of a larger organization that’s having a tough time right now. It at least shows they’re willing to pitch in. It’s a principal pf leadership I think is key. Don’t make anyone who works for you do anything you’re not willing to do first.

One in One Out
My Sister leaves for Chicago today and we welcome my Mother-in-law for the weekend. It’s another welcome visit from someone who can help is wrap our brains around the task of organization and preparation.

Boooookkkkkkkeeeeee Jeeerrrriiiiiaaaaannnnn……Cooooommmmeeee Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!
We should all be reunited Monday when Holiday schedule Craziness comes to an end.
Have a good weekend!


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