Hanrahan’s Nerves, Ankeny’s Walk-Off, Serena’s Dress

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Loved the story Joel Hanrahan’s brother Mark told me about Joel’s first all-star appearance. Mark says his little brother was so nervous on the mound, he confessed his legs were shaking. I love it when we hear a big leaguer acted as excited as we think we’d be…

Soccer won’t ever be as popular in the USA as it is in most other countries, but there’s no doubt it’s gaining here. People are talking about the women’s World Cup, and they should be after that comeback against Brazil, and Wednesday’s win over France…

Ames thought it had its first trip to state softball locked up, but Ankeny found a way to win in dramatic, walk-off fashion…

The ESPY’s take advantage of the slowest national sports day of the year—the day after the MLB All-Star Game—and provide athletes a chance to celebrate their awesomeness. Seth Meyers is a funny host, though no one will ever make the riach and famous audience squirm the way Norm Macdonald did.

The biggest misfire from the fits and starts I watched was the skit on the Kissing Canadian Rioters. The commerical for hiring NBA players during the lockout was a hit.

Serena Williams paid tribute to Billie Jean King and Title IX, though few paid attention to Serena’s message because she was spilling out of her dress.


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