Gustav, The Guard and the GOP

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Good Morning!
Hope most of you have the day off. We all worked this morning…really because we had nothing better going on. Brooke said this morning, and I agree, it’s not bad working holidays like this. Usually it’s hard to fill up two hours worth of news but not today. The eye of Gustav is almost to New Orleans as I write this and the Republican National Convention is supposed to start today…so Even on “a day off” there’s a lot to talk about.

Sonya Heitshusen is in New Orleans reporting for the group of stations we belong to. I talked to her around three this morning and it was hardly raining and by the time we saw her on camera this morning, she, and New Orleans were getting soaked. That’s going to be the problem in New Orleans. The winds are high, but the rainfall and storm surge may be the bigger problem.
I just had a very pleasant conversation with a woman on the phone complaining about an interview on the Today show. He basic point was that the Media tries to place blame and rehash Katrina at a time when New Orleans is dealing with a new storm. While the lessons of Katrina are important, her take was that Democrat, Republican , State, Federal and City all had a share of the blame for the failed response to Katrina. It doesn’t do much good to re-live that storm unless it’s in the context of dealing with this one. It was an interesting call from a level headed and fair minded viewer.

What would the country do without the Men and Women of the Iowa National Guard?…really!
I think about that every time they’re sent off to another part of the country or the world. Think about it. Most of our guard members have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan multiple times..They’ve gone to Bosnia for peacekeeping, They went to The gulf once already for Katrina…they’ve done border patrol duty and have served in a number of capacities stateside. Then there’s the work they’ve done here in Iowa. When flooding and tornadoes devastated their own home towns…The guard was there again. I know it’s their job, I know they know what they’re getting into when they sign up. I’m just glad there are people who take the time and make the commitment in the face of so many unknowns.

Is it the right decision to scale back the Republican National Convention? The decision came this weekend. We know the President won’t be speaking tonight and I think that’s the right decision. We know Republicans will be talking about how to help people on the Gulf Coast effected by Gustav. We are still waiting to hear if Sen John McCain will accept his party’s nomination in person or via satellite from the Gulf Coast.

Friday’s blog is a reminder, don’t believe everything you read. My apologies for the inaccuracies. I was sitting across from Sonya who was reading the Supreme Court ruling on traffic cams. She mistakenly took the written dissent and the actually ruling. turns out the court upheld the cameras as a legal way for cities to enforce traffic laws.

So I hope most of you are enjoying your day off. We’ll see you back here tomorrow.


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