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Good Afternoon. A Friday afternoon blog to round out the week. I’d like to say I waited on purpose to see what the new Governor was going to say in his speech. I just waited. But thankfully we have more to talk about.

We’ve got a new (old) Governor in Iowa today. Terry Branstad made a very good speech at his inaugural. I thought it laid out a clear outline of what he wants to accomplish. It was well written too.
I hope the Governor can help hit the reset button at The Capitol.
Interesting, The Governor is using the Inaugural Ball to raise money for scholarship fund and the entire thing has been scaled back quite a bit. It’s makes sense. So many states are facing tough spending choices and cutbacks. Leading by example right away makes sense.

Tree of Failure
A friend posted this article on civility in public discourse today on Facebook. I couldn’t agree more.

Kudos to Andy Fales. His stories are always worth watching, but taking a story we’ve become accustomed to seeing now and telling it in such a unique way is evidence of Andy’s immense talent.
If you missed the story, Go to our web page and take a look!
Also answer Andy’s question…is it better to GIVE or RECEIVE a surprise?

So I’m a Gemini now? I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ve always identified myself as a Cancer…It fit pretty well with my Libra Wife…but now she’s a Virgo (actually fits her a lot better). So what do you think of the theory that we’ve all been looking at the wrong Horoscope for a while now?

Have a great weekend!


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