Goodbyes, Good Reading and Good Times

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Good Morning…well it’s afternoon but who’s counting?
Brooke is off this morning so I am getting to this a little later than normal.
Here goes nothing…

The number of Iowans leaving for Afghanistan(2800) may not sound like a huge number but now that we’ve started to see the number of going away ceremonies for these soldiers…i think we’re getting an idea of just how many people will be touched by this deployment. it’s is going to be a difficult year in Iowa.

We got an email from a woman calling our story on the economy slanted this morning. I think she was saying it was biased against Democrats. Unusual for the media to be called too Conservative but I didn’t think the story was biased. I think everyone is telling half truths in the debate over renewing the Bush era tax cuts. I think like a lot of people who fall into a mid range income we wouldn’t see that much change, unless Congress lets the entire thing expire. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I also don’t think it’s as easy as some people say it is…raise taxes on the people who earn more…that’ll solve it. Spending has to be cut back substantially and even people like me have to start paying a bit. Does it make sense that I get a child tax credit?
It’s not as easy as either side makes it sound.

Good Reading
I’ve heard and read people talk about our Founding Father is if they were intent on making sure GOD was an every day part of life in the country they were creating. There are those that argue documents like the Declaration of Independence and Constitution hold clues that these were men who put God first, and who wanted Christianity in particular to guide our laws.
So I picked up a book this weekend that looks at the religious lives of the Founding Fathers. I’ll let you know what I learn. I suspect I will read about a wide variety of views on religion and government represented among the Founders. I doubt any of them wanted a National Religion.
Speaking of I have a road trip coming up. Anyone want to suggest a good book to listen to in the car?

Good Times
I survived Sally’s trip to Dallas and in the interest of full disclosure I did not have to do it on my own at all. The wonderful woman that takes care of our kiddos in the morning came to the house as usual. Bedtime was interesting and, for that, I was on my own. The boys and I had to have a few conversations about following Dad’s instructions.
I remember as a kid one look from my Mom or my Dad could shut me up and get me to fall into line. I’m working on channeling that look.

I think we’ve got a big brother and a little brother on our hands. We took Will and JT to Holiday Park Pool this weekend and again, it was Will with a fearless attitude. he wanted to play with the big kids and had no fear running off the side and jumping in his Mom’s arms. Meanwhile JT and I were hanging out in the fountains and slowly checking out the wading area. I’m glad we’ve got two distinct personalities that seem happy to be themselves.
We just made a trip out to the crab pool in the backyard Sunday. JT practically had purple legs cause the water from the garden hose was so cold…he didn’t seem to mind. Will decided running around the yard was more interesting than the pool.
Hope you have a great start to the week!


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