Glee and Fifty Dates in Fifty States

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There isn’t a lot we talked about this morning on the show that we didn’t talk about yesterday on the blog so here are a couple other topics.

The darling show of last season returns after a long absence this spring. I’m watching the first episode of the season now. The snarky dialogue I liked at the beginning of the season is back Glee is getting rave reviews…You can catch the episode on Hulu if you missed it.

I also caught the Tina Fey SNL episode. Wow. It’s a sad reminder of why the show isn’t as funny without her.

So I’m blogging about a blog this morning.
I noticed a Facebook post from a High School Friend asking for some help. Her friend is going on a cross country adventure. She is trying to go on fifty dates in fifty states. I started reading and found out…she actually from Iowa. It’s a pretty interesting read. So we started talking about it and already have some ideas if she wants some help here in Iowa.
What do you think? What is the best 1st Date Des Moines has to offer?

I still haven’t touched my golf clubs this year. That’s going to be a problem if my friend gets us a tee time this Saturday morning. I’m trying to work out when I would go hit some balls to see how bad things are with my swing…yep…still not finding the time.

Hope you have a great day!


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