Game On, Stand Up to Cancer and Foggy Start

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Good Morning!

Driving in you could see it this morning…not only was it really cool, it was foggy.
It’s a cool view coming down Fleur drive around three in the morning…you can see the lights of the buildings just above the fog bank along the Racoon River, but it looks like Gray’s Lake just dissapears. Hope you had a safe drive to work this morning…

Game On
When we started the week it looked like a hurricane was going to take all of the punch out of the Republican National Convention. Gov Sarah Palin made sure that didn’t happen. Se John McCain was his usual self last night. Not the most inspiring speaker, but a lot like the elder President Bush, you have to respect a man with his history.
So this morning I’ve been reading a lot about what’s next on the campaign trail. First things first for the National Media…they’re apoplectic that Sarah Palin hasn’t had a press conference. How dare she!
They’ll get their shot at Sarah Palin. We’ll see how she holds up. In the meantime I think it plays right into Republicans strategy that the Press is getting it’s collective nose bent out of shape over her lack of press conferences. Did any of these guys listen to her speech Wednesday?

Text the Vote
There’s a push again this year on College campuses across the country and here in Iowa to get younger voters out to the Polls in November. Text messaging is the basis of the push…maybe it’ll work.
I remember in 2004, Howard Dean was going to win the Iowa Caucuses thanks to the young people in his campaign. College kids who so enthusiastically supported Dean didn’t show up. Maybe they will this time. Maybe texting them a reminder to register will help remind them to vote. I get a reminder every election day and I still end up hustling down to my polling place late in the day because I forget.

Not much choice on network TV tonight as all three major networks will be hosting the Stand-up for Cancer benefit. It’s an hour long show that will raise millions of dollars for Cancer research. They’ve got just about every big name in music performing. Some of them will be performing songs composed just for this event. The recordings then won’t be sold anywhere except iTunes. All of the money raised goes into the kitty for Cancer research.
The way they’ll distribute this money is interesting as well. Dr Nancy Snyderman explained it on Nightly news last night. The money will go to so called, “Dream Teams” of Doctors and Researchers. They’ll collaborate their efforts to come up with solutions for Cancer Treatment and prevention. You can watch tonight at seven on channel 13.

Should be a quiet weekend. I have plans Sunday to go up to Ames and try out the relatively new golf course up there called Coldwater. I know it’s not “new” anymore, but I haven’t played it yet. I’ll have a review Monday.


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