G-20, New Car and Visitors East and West

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Good Morning!
I’ll get right to it with some quick thoughts this morning…

-The G-20 summit in Pittsburgh is another chance for protesters to show their compassion for the oppressed by breaking windows and torching cars. Good work, I’m sure Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr would be proud.

-Sen Harkin says he’s not sure how a Co-Op system would work if you transfer jobs or cities…how would a person make sure they have insurance? Maybe have one co-op? If so, he says, why not just have one, government run option? The logic leaves out one small detail. The Co-op would be run by private insurance companies and there would be competition among those private insurers to get the business. In a one payer system there is no competition. I’ not saying one or the other is a better plan, I’m just filling in a blank the Senator left out of his line of logic.

-Guiness is 250 years old. I feel like a Black & Tan.

-We picked up a new car last night from the Honda Dealership. It’s a new Pilot to replace the old one. The inside is a little bigger and this one has a three month trial of XM. So what’s the odds on whether the Dix family subscribes to XM after the three months are up?

-Another note from our car search. I went to another dealership in town to see about a deal. I figured they might want to try to get me out of a Honda and into their brand. I walked in and was honest. I have a Honda, I like it…make me a better offer and I would consider coming over to your brand of car. The guy told me his lease deals for September didn’t start till the 9th and that he would have to call me. He took all of our information…then never even called. Last I checked the car business isn’t that good.

-Glee is the best new show I’ve seen thus far this Fall. Now granted, I haven’t seen any other shows…but I really like Glee. It’s inappropriate…for sure. But, it’s also got some overriding themes in it I like. I think the show is telling just about everyone that there’s something about them they can laugh about. We all tend to take it all so seriously…our flaws, shortcomings, identities. This show teaches us to laugh at it, and reminds us that the only person who needs to accept you…is you. After that, everyone else usually is a lot more comfortable with who you are.

-We’ve got a weekend full of visitors including my Aunt Kay who came all the way from California to see the boys. Sally and I are really flattered. My sister Katie is back for more nephew time as well. She can’t seem to get enough, and it gives me great joy to see my family enjoying our sons. I hope they continue to give people a reason to smile their whole lives.

I hope you get at least one chance to smile this weekend.


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